“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss

Ancient Mesopotamia simulation reflection

Today, in humanities class we were learning about The Ancient Mesopotamian civilization. During the activity my job is  .As a group, we divided the work load up by everyone choosing there favourite “job”,and who is the best at which job.

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was being in one team even we have the least supply. Our weakest point as a civilization was having the basket that have the least supplies. If I could do this activity again, I would change another table or basket (with supplies in them), because it is impossible to trade and trade if you have the basket that have the least supplies.

The Indus River Valley Civilization

This is a short video about The Indus River Valley Civilization and one of the greatest achievements The Indus River Valley people had accomplished Rulers (measurements).

JianBing Thing


This is a ThingLink for my One Day project JianBing. In JianBing class, I learned how to make a JianBing and what are the ingredients needed to make a JianBing. Also I did well on studying the procedure of how to make a JianBing. There are many challenges in my One Day project JianBing, and the most challenging one is try to make the JianBing’s base it is very hard to make. One Day is a very important day, in this day students can learn and try new things, also a day that students have fun and explore, One Day is an important day.


I chose Jianbing, because Jianbing is a easy and tasty food, so I want to learn how to make one and the history of Jianbings.

In this class I hope that I could learn how to make a Jianbing, and the history of Jianbings.

I am going to make a ThingLink for my Jianbing One day project. In the ThingLink l am going to write how to make a Jianbing and the history of Jianbings.

Early humans and Modern humans technology

This is my thing link for early humans and modern humans technology.

“How has technology influenced humans throughout history?”

Technology has influenced a lot throughout human history, technology is something that humans use everyday from 2.5 million years ago.  Technology has got more advanced throughout human history, from hand axes to guns technology has changed a lot. Without technology humans will still be apes and we will never become modern humans.  Technology has influenced a lot throughout human history, and this is how technology influenced humans throughout history.

Save The Penguins Project

This is the model for our group’s model for Save The Penguins Project, this is made for protecting the Penguins from preventing heat loss. I am proud of myself because our group only lost 2.85g ,for mass lost. The hard part of this project is to make the model. I learned that which kind of material keeps heat.

This is our group record and reflection for our group’s model.

Cup Design Challenge

This is my cup prototype, I want to make a cup warp that can trap heat inside the cup. The hardest part of this project is to make the prototype. what I’m proud of is that my prototype only lost 8 degrees. In this science class I learned that which kind of material trap thermal energy the best.

I’m from Family and Classic music

This is a poem of my self, I made during Humanities class.


The Science project of cleaning dirty water

This is a project of cleaning dirty water and this is my reflection.


How do I feel about Middle School ? Middle School is very easy and very EXCITING!

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