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Throughout this experience I was proud of my self about the fact that I was able to make my own design and make it in to real life I always tried making little things such as hot air ballon and other things but I never got to actually make it work and be able to be used in real life. If I had a another chance that I can fix my prototype then I would make the handle part where we put the magnets to hold the pieces, we are going make hat part little bit more thinner to make the handle be more comfortable and easily handled. The hardest thing that I went over was when I used the magnets to stick the sides to getter but the magnet was not strong enough to make it not fall. Then we ended up adding a lot more of things on the cup insulator. The new skill that I learned throughout this project is that I learned to make reusable cup insulator to keep the thermal energy inside the cup. Even though I didn’t have a chance to test to out but the quality of this cup insulator in very good for preventing the heat loss of the hot water/ Coffee in the mug cup.

My first Design Challenge (fresh water)

 The challenge was to make a thing that is going to make the water very fresh that we can drink when we are in a place that has only dirty water.

I choose to make a thing that has rocks in it and gravel and sand those things are going to help the dirty water get cleaner. And we use a plastic battle to make a case for it.

Literary Essay (The Year of The Boar)

In the stary year of the boar story, there is a young girl that is called Shirley and she has to leave her hometown China to America to meet her dad and go to school. And then in America, she has a little trouble being with the kids over there and she once got lost too and she kind of feels lonely because there aren’t a lot of kids with her and she is not used to the place where she lives so she has trouble with those things. And in the story, there are little details about lonely then if you match the whole story up then it has a lot of parts that are about lonely.

And the reason that it shows that she is lonely is that when the school started she was getting used to it and then when the summer break started she was very lonely and once even though a kid in her class hit her and when her dad went to the police officer to tell that she protected the kid that hit her because she didn’t want the kid in to be in a trouble or be mad at her. Because if she told on her then she is going to be known as the teller and no one will try to be friends with her and the other hand if she doesn’t tell kids are most likely to like her because she understands that she nice kid to be with. And then the kid will love to be with her then suddenly the kid will want to be friend with her.

And last reason that she is lonely is that always she comes home by her self and then she losses her way and can’t go home. And she always tries to be kind as possible and to earn friends.

I think because she tries a lot she should get a lot of friends that are very kind and honest.

Literary Essay #1

I think that running away is really bad chose because if you run away your life is outside so you don’t have a home to sleep and me to shower and you don’t have any place to go even hotel because if you want to stay in the hotel you have to pay the price. Also if you are homeless and you are sick and you are dirty what kind of girl would like you then you are lonely forever. And even you get married you son and daughter can’t go to school because you don’t have money to go to school and when you are poor you can’t buy the medicine and  your family might die and you might not have an another a future family that will connect the future family and then you don’t have another future family and then you and then I also once run away and then I only got to the place where I went to the dad’s company and just cried because I didn’t want to be with mom because I was very angry at her. And then I told my dad what happened and then I was about to go back home because my dad told me to do it so I just walked home and when I was walking home I meet my friend so I slept at his home that night. And then the next day I was in my bedroom and I was on my bed then my mom came in and I and my mom had a talk and then my mom said she was also wrong but I was also wrong. And then we all said sorry and I didn’t know why but I felt sorry. In the stories, the kids only go up to there house and then they get back because they are scared. But me it was different I knew what I was doing and I wasn’t scared of what I am going to do. When I was experiencing the run away I think that it is not a good choice to make in your life because if you just keep the anger in your body then it is just okay then after a deep sleep you can just calm down. And then after the runaway that I experience, I never ran away again and I will not ever not going to run away. To summarize I think that running away is bad and a not good choice to make.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw

So in the story, there is a boy that always that do things and make thing really funny and crazy than he usually gets detention in school and then he tricks teachers to not get in trouble. I wrote about this book last time but last time I didn’t finish the book so latter on the book a kids dad finds a toy but he throws it away the kid finds that out and destroys dad’s World war toy set. And makes it into a baby set. And then there is another kid he has a detention and he gets out of detention by hitting himself and telling the teacher that the kid behind him hit him.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw

So in the story, there is a boy that always that do things and make thing really funny and crazy than he usually gets detention in school and then he tricks teachers to not get in trouble or like he dropped an underwear on the hallway then, later on, he heard the principle call him on the speaker to get his underwear. The connection to this story is when I do something and try to act like it’s not me then I always get the pay for it like my mom finds out or one of my friend’s mom tells my mom.


Today we cooked a banana bread and then we put it in the oven for about 55min then we ate it together. It tasted really good so how we made the bread is we put  flower and the salt and milf and we mixed it then we took the mixture and poured it into a bowl and then we put it in the oven but before that, we heated the oven first then we put it in then we waited for about 55min then we ate it then it tasted so good so we also gave some to other people and they liked it. The three thing that I learned is that cooking takes a lot of time even though you made it fast.

I funny A middle School Story

In the story, there is a kid that wants to make a lot of people laugh. So he goes to a Comedy contest secretly and then he won the contest then later on his aunt reads a newspaper that was saying that there was a contest before then aunt went to the kid and said you should go there then the kid had to tell the truth.

The connection to the story is I also had a time when a really wanted to swim so I told my mom that I was going out to play but instead I went to the swimming pool. Then later on the day mom said you should go to the swim practice next time. Then I also had to tell her the truth.

Encyclopedia Brown Carries on

Encyclopedia Brown is a boy that is really good at guessing or you could say solving a problem. In the story, Encyclopedia Brown had a problem with the Salvatore he made a mouse trap that is really big and he drove that to the City hall to make someone buy it but then the police officers came and chased him because people weren’t allowed to park their things in front of the City Hall. Then the Salvatore ran away from the Police officers then he ran away with the key of his Mousetrap and he told the police officers that he hid the key in the trash can but the trash can truck came and took the trash can so he told that he couldn’t move the mousetrap away from the City Hall because he lost the key.

Characters: There are Encyclopedia Brown’s parents his friends and the Salvatore and the police officers and the Thief.

Connection: The connection to this story is when I also have to solve a problem. For example, when I was on summer vacation I was told that one of my friends got robbed not a big robber but a just a small one his pencil was only missing and I had a least of the names that are really on that can be a Theif then we had to choose.

Charlotte’s Web

In the story about a kid that is a kid that loves a little pig and when the kid’s dad was about to kill the pig for a reason that the pig is too small to sell it. Then her dad said if I don’t kill this pig you have to care this pig and she did but the pig had to be sent to a barn to grow and it did every day the kid visited the barn. And the pig found a new friend Spider. The characters that are in the story is Charlotte and pig and mom and dad and the girl. The connection for the book is when I was in a camp for summer my mom and dad also came to see me.

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