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"Logic can get you from A to B but creativity will get you everywhere" -Albert Einstein

Da Hawt Penguins


some of the skills I learned was the ability to use hot glue efficiently and how to choose materials.

The hardest thing was to prevent heat loss in the first prototype.

One of the things I would do differently was to change the inside of the penguin project from cotton to mylar foil.

I was proud that the cup had a lot of insulators with less than 9 degrees of difference.

mesopotamia catapult simulation

The simulation on the ancient Mesopotamian civilization is about making the secret invention by trading and designing buildings like temples. The secret invention was the catapult. we had to make our own language and trade without words and design a 3-story temple with many kitchens, living rooms, staircases, and other things.

During the simulation, my first job was to make the laws and then I moved on the temple designing when Takumi finished with his job. When we selected the jobs for each of our members, we had Takumi make our language while Emily was our trader, I was the law-maker and angel was the temple designer. Our biggest achievement was to be able to trade very well which caused us to win (a tie). Our weakest part was designing the temple as I’m not that good at making blueprints. If I could do this activity again, I would change the planning of the jobs so I was the trader, Takumi was the law-maker, Angel was the temple designer, and Emily was the language maker.

Mayan Civilization

Our teacher, Ms. Shannon made us choose, by random, our civilization. I got the Mayans. In class, we made news reporting. Me, Bryan and Jett were all in the video acting. Jett did a lego animation. All of us were in the video. I think our video was a little too short though(2min 52sec) but Jett is going to add some transition to make it longer. When we made the video for the first time, Jett had us redo it because he “accidentally” deleted our videos. We were unable to use the green screen the second time so the background is part of the school’s walls. I think we could’ve done better with more practice.

Precious Plastic

Precious plastic recycles the plastic that is not used. Plastic is very bad for the environment. Most of the plastic is released into the oceans and moved into some of the garbage patches. Plastic causes a lot of deaths of fish and makes the surviving marine life unsafe to eat. Plastics also cause the ocean to become more acidic which make the water unsafe to drink.  My idea is to make a helmet using plastic. I began by searching up some helmets but most helmets have holes in them so they won’t work. Then, I decided to search for round helmets which are most commonly military helmets but when I asked the teacher, she said that there are no round molds so I decided to use a hexagonal mold, then I will cut the plastic so it will be round.

Early Humans and Us Technology Thinglink

My Cranky Contraption

my cranky contraption is:

a mini scissor and the theme was a wood workshop.

My biggest challenge was:

I did not have enough time to finish my last contraption which was a bow

One piece of advise I would give to a future student would be:

It will take more time than you expect

Overall, I think this product was successful because…

I finished the main project.

Encrypted thoughts!

I will encrypt my thoughts about middle school (keyword: School, no spaces): ANVJEDUOVCZ





















For idiots only: I love school

Literary Essay #3

One of the main topics in the book ‘The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson’ is about loneliness. My idea about it is that there are many ways to enter and exit loneliness such as friends and being alone.

There are many ways to become lonely. The main way is by not having friends. Shirley was lonely at the beginning of the story because she doesn’t have friends. Shirley was also lonely because she didn’t have her family with her. she couldn’t spend time with them when she went to America. The shows that there are many ways to be lonely.

There are many ways to exit loneliness. As connected to my first argument, a way to leave loneliness is by getting friends. when Shirley got friends like Emily and Mabel, she was very happy. also connected to the my other Argument is that family can also help escaping the pull of loneliness. When people spend time with their family, they can also get out of loneliness. this is an example that there are many ways to get out of loneliness.

there are also many real life examples of this. when people don’t have friends at school, people will we very lonely. Another example is when my dad was in school. He had to live in the school and one night, the electricity ran out and he had to walk 4 hours in only moonlight back home.

There are many different ways to enter and exit loneliness. As shown in my third reason, this is related to many people’s feelings right now.


Literary Essay #2

One of the mains ideas in ‘Fly Away Home’ is about Jealousy. Jealousy means that we are feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages. The idea is that jealousy can cause anger and the reasons include when someone has something you don’t have, insults, and deaths.

When someone has something we don’t have, we get angry. In the book, the narrator did not have a home and had to live in the airport. When he heard people welcoming people home, he felt very angry and wanted to know what made those people so special to have a home.  This explains why jealousy can cause anger.

Another reason that jealousy can cause anger is that one can get insulted by others for not having something. The narrator felt insulted when he heard people welcoming others back home. I also have a small anecdote about it. In fifth grade, my friend got an Iphone X which is the newest version of the Iphone, and he insulted me for not having one and I got really angry. This shows that there are more than one way to cause anger with jealousy.

Another way jealousy can cause anger is when someone dies. When people die, wills and other bad things will happen such as property loss. Although wills are good things altogether, they can make people lose things sometimes. Like in fly away home, they only had one home and when the mother died, a will or something similar happened and they lost their home; these are some of the times wills are a bad thing. Because of this, the boy got angry when people have a show that they have a home or family members.

There are may reasons that jealousy will cause anger. Everyday, people get jealous and loose their temper.  These are some of the main reasons this is happening. This shows why it’s happening.

Literary Essays #1

In “The Boy Who Saved Baseball”, one of the main ideas is that happiness is very important is very important to many people. When we feel stress and anger, we don’t do our work properly. After winning we will all be really happy and we will do more efficient work. By winning, we will have high spirits.

In the book, the local team was challenged by an outside team and the Mayer bet their local baseball tradition. Because of all this tension, the local baseball team was all nervous. The pitcher can’t even throw the ball properly and missed by the meter.

When people get helped and win, they get very happy. In the book, the famous baseball player’s son started teaching them how to win and they won. After that, the team performed exordinarily in practise and won many other games.

Although they won the bet the Mayer did, when the famous baseball player’s uncle died, everyone was very sad and the workers of the town couldn’t do work properly. The uncle didn’t even update his will.

Happiness is very important and is shown in “The Boy Who Saved Baseball” hugely. This book has a very big and important moral for everybody. This moral is about how emotions can effect us on what we do. Nervousness and sadness will cause us to do bad work while happiness will raise spirit and will encourage us to do better work.

our emotions can effect how we work everyday. this is one off the main ideas of this book. in the book, happiness, sadness, and nervousness can cause many different results.

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