"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. " - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Panda Cranky Contraption


If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to line the bamboo up with the panda’s mouth so it looks more like the panda is eating the bamboo.

Skills that I learned or developed were how to use a saw and a drill and how to cut wire.

Overall, I think this product was successful because the cranky contraption works and it looks neat and like I spent some time on it.

Day One Simulation Reflection

During the activity, we created a written language, traded and started on creating laws. We didn’t divide the workload up, we all worked together to accomplish a task. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was trading because we were able to get all our materials through trade. Our weakest point as a civilization was only working at one task at a time because we were not able to get a lot of things done. If I could do this activity again, I would have the people in my group each working on a different task simultaneously so we could get more tasks done.


I really like the night sky. But the houses in the morning side didn’t turn out the way I wanted. If I could repaint it I might paint the city in the morning instead of the town.


OneDay Progress

So far I’ve painted the night sky but I still need to add the skyscrapers, the moon,  and the stars on the night half of the painting.

The Plumbing of the Indus River Valley Civilization

By Grace H, Janelle and Lucas

OneDay 2

1st Block: The first block, I’ll paint the city sky background in the first half of the painting using cool colors like dark blue and purple to represent the night sky. Then I’ll add some silver glitter to white paint and paint dots and crosses to represent the stars, and a circle of white paint for the moon.

2nd block: The second block, I’ll paint the skyline in the city half with black paint. Once the black dries, I’ll use a pale yellow to paint in the lights in the towers.

3rd block: The third block, I’ll paint the background for the sunrise using warm colors like pink, red, yellow, and orange and a yellow-orange circle for the sun.

4th block: The fourth block, I’ll paint the houses for the town.


I want to express the difference between different parts of the world.

I tried using acrylic paint in class and I decided to use it in my artwork.

Living By a River

I would live close to the river. According to the article “Water+ Civilization”, we can use water to drink, navigate, fish, wash cool down, travel, water crops and more. Water is essential to survival. Living close to a river means that you won’t have to spend time or worry about finding water. According to the article “Water+ Civilization”, you can also use irrigation to use the water of the river to water crops. The soil along the river is very fertile from decomposing animals and minerals in the water, making it good for planting crops. The river could flood, but if you build your house and plant crops further inland, it might reduce the damage. Or if you had a surplus of food, you might survive if the crops are destroyed.

Communities: Early Humans to Modern Humans

This is my finished Humanities project. The project is about how humans communities have changed from early humans to modern humans.

Penguins And Coffee: Insulation

I am most proud of my cup insulator’s design. It fit the cup very well and didn’t slip off or interfere with drinking. When we tested the prototype, it did very well. It only lost 8 °C after 10 minutes.

If I could do something different, I would have added some color or decorations to my cup insulator to make it more visually appealing and attract more customers. I would also have tried to use some styrofoam on my penguin dwelling because styrofoam reduces the transfer of thermal energy very well.

The hardest thing about this project is compromising on the design of the penguin project. Our team had different ideas on which material would prevent heat loss the most and we had to compromise to include everyone’s ideas.


Cup Insulator

Penguin Dwelling

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