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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" - Albert Einstein

Back in Time Mesopotamia Day 1

In our Mesopotamia simulation we had to create a written language for certain things for example a tap roll or a marshmallow then then we had to trade for materials that we needed for a secret invention that we needed to build. I this simulation we were groups, for trading there was a carpet and on that carpet, you couldn’t speak not even to your group you to trade you had to use your written language.
For jobs in my group, well we didn’t really have certain jobs we just worked together. As for how we divided our work load was by having everyone participate instead of one to two doing all the work and the rest doing nothing. Our biggest accomplishment at least in my opinion it was when we could start building our secret invention because we were kind of stuck on getting all the materials we needed because we needed a rubber band and we couldn’t really find the group that had was trading rubber bands. Our weakest point I think was generating laws because after a couple of laws we couldn’t think of more laws.
If I were to do the simulation one more time I would want to generate more laws because we didn’t have the materials that we needed cause we needed like ten and we didn’t get even five laws.

Lost in Time

Rock Climbing And Me

This is my One Day blog. My One Day is Rock Climbing. This is my groups one day project. Group members on the poster project: Chetali and me.
These are photos from our poster before we put the photos together (chalk is optional):
This is a picture of me climbing the wall:
I chose this One Day because I love Rock Climbing. What I did for the ISB design system:
First we inquired about the Equipment in Rock Climbing then we searched into two parts need and optional.Second I sketched a safety harness and a chalk bag and my partner Chetali sketched a Rock Climbing shoe. Lastly we made a blog post.

What I did well was that I got of my fear of having someone belay me. What I learned was that I don’t trust my feet on the wall and I think with more practice I will trust my feet more. At the beginning of one day I didn’t want to Rock Climb when some on was belaying me I only did the auto belay and din’t get that high But in the end I did one of the ones were someone had to belay me and I got much farther then I did with the auto belay. One day is important because you can do something you really like or if you haven’t done it before try something new and booth ways you can improve.
This is me and my groups final poster for Rock Climbing Gear: equipment:
Thanks Rock Climbing teachers, for helping me become a better climber.

Growth of Civilization

In the article “Importance of River Valleys,” it talks about the beginnings of great civilizations. Before humans lived in river valleys, they were nomads and did not settle in one location, or they were dependent on rainfall to grow crops. Once humans began to live in river valleys, they were able to plant crops and harness the rivers to irrigate more and more crops.  Flooding often destroyed crops and sometimes even the homes of the farmers, until they learned how to defend against floods and use irrigation methods successfully. The fertile river valleys allowed the farmers to grow crops more efficiently and feed themselves and provide food for other people for one to two years. The article states that the abundance of food supplies allowed some people to work in other areas like defense and trade.  As the towns grew bigger and bigger, people migrated along the length of the river valley, creating more towns and an increase in trade, which helped in the spread of civilization.

Communities Past and Present

This is my thinglink about how early and modern human communication with in a community has changed over time.

Hot and Cold

In Science we were told to design two things, a penguin shelter to keep the penguin cool or in our case to keep an ice cube from melting the other one was a mug insulator to keep a hot drink hot.

One thing I’m proud of is that they worked and the insulator looks good because one thing we had to do is to make it look like something that people would want to buy at a store. If I were to these experiments again I would make the floor different because we [my team and I ] made the floor out of paper which made the paper a little wet, so I would make think if it were made out of foil then bubble wrap things would be different. The hardest part I think was thinking back on the project.

Here are some pictures:


Penguins shelter project day 2

Today we experimented with different materials that are raped over soda cans and took the temperature of the cans one covered with cotton, one covered with plastic wrap, one covered with foil, one control or you can say a regular soda can and we did this over the corse of minutes.

This is from my Science notebook:


Penguin shelter project day 3

Today we brought our designs together and came up with a compromise and then went and saw what they cost in {squid} not real squid and we didn’t go any where and then we drew our model of our penguin shelter design on our poster board. This was my original idea 

Penguin shelter project day 1

The first day of the project  our table group had to come up with a group name ours Penguins Future and we talked about how Penguins are  becoming endangered which is global warming and we talked about how people are making Penguin shelters to keep them cool.Which I thought was cool because the were helping the Penguins and by doing that they were helping them become extinct.


How I Feel About Blogging ………….

                     I chose this picture because I’m feeling neutral about blogging.

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