"Life is like a camera, focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, if things don't work, take another shot." -Unknown

During this unit, I had learned about Maya history, and how they developed rubber. Then, we made a video as a group of the invention of rubber.

The video is about the invention of rubber.

I think our group worked very well on the scripts but a weakness of our group was putting the video together because we didn’t didn’t forsee the fact that we might have some trouble with the apps we were using to match the audio.

Day 1 Simulation Reflection – Ancient Mesopotamia

Today, during humanities we did a simulation about Ancient Mesopotamia. It was a simulation that involved trading, architecture, laws, and written languages. I was focusing on laws during the simulation. Laws was about thinking of laws and consequences such as stealing, murder, drug dealing, etc. Our biggest accomplishment was that the trading was quite easy for us because our written language was quite easy to understand and we had most of the items already needed. A weak point was that the group was kind of a mess at the start because we had some disagreements because the people in my group didnt really know what to do at first and everything was kind of confusing. One thing that i would change when i have this simulation again is the materials. I hope that more materials of one type would be given to each group.

Early and Modern Humans Diet

During humanities we were learning about the diet of modern and early humans. We were split in three groups. Community, diet, and technology. I was put into the diet group, learning about early humans and modern humans for a week and a half. Later, we put the information that we learned into paragraphs. We then created a timeline showing the changes of diet throughout millions of years. In the end, we put the paragraphs, timelines, and our primary sources into a ThingLink that you could see from above.

Da Hawt Penguins 🐧 & Minecraft Cup Insulator ☕️

I am really proud of Emily C and I’s teamwork skills and how we made our prototype for both the penguin dwelling and the cup insulator. I am astonished that we worked together so nicely that we each had a role to do at all times that we liked and agreed among materials and designs.

I am also astounded by how we made our prototype for both the penguin dwelling and cup design. In the penguin dwelling, my teammates and I all agreed on the materials and design and also, we all had a chance to build and test out the materials. Later, we got a very low decrease in mass on the “penguin” because of a well designed dwelling.

For the cup design, I was surprised that we pretty much had the same idea and a very low decrease of temperature. We used polypropylene sheets (plastic sheets), yarn, thick baize fabric (rough cotton fabric), hot glue, velcro.

The hardest thing about both projects is testing out materials. Usage of “squid” was quite hard. Since squid was money, many materials were quite expensive and planning out wether to buy something or not was quite a difficult choice. This was not the only reason why it was a difficult choice though, it was also a extremely difficult choice because a plan changes every now and then and there was a material that we bought that we turned out not to use and that was a waste of “squid” and we didn’t want to waste “squid” anymore so had to choice wisely.

In the penguin dwelling project, the goal was to make a prototype of a home that a penguin can stay in that reduces thermal energy transfer. We made the penguin dwelling prototype out of aluminium foil and mylar.  In the cup insulator, the goal was to make a prototype that prevents heat lost or basically a cup insulator that allows the liquid inside a mug to stay warm during the winter, on a day to day basis, etc.

Cranky Contraption

This is a cranky contraption I had made during design class. It tells

the story of a jumping slime.

  1. My biggest success was making the crank. This is because when I first made my crank, it was very smooth and it worked very well.
  2. My biggest obstacle was making the slime stay and not turn every single time I crank it.
  3. One thing I like to change is to remove the black cardboard covering the whole top.

I am from Unfinished Homework and Youtube on Weekends

This is a “I am From Narrative” that  I made during Humanities. At the start of the unit, we made lists of important people, things, etc. Then, we started writing what we did with them. Later, we put them into a draft for the narrative. Finally, it was published and put into a imovie.

Filter for the Wild

Middle School Creeper! :)

Middle School makes me feel extremely happy!


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