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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During the activity, I personally divided up the group and did the building, trading and written language. As a group, we divided the work load up by having multiple people doing harder jobs. For our temple, Bill decided and got the role of designing it, Alex and Sophie did most of the laws, while, Jade and I separated materials and traded. I did the written languages. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilisation was that we were the first to get out top secret invention done and we won!
Our weakest point as a civilisation was because we didn’t have most of the recourses, however, we had a lot of recourses that most groups needed (sticks and forks). If I could do this activity again, I wouldn’t really change anything because we won, it would be fun if I did it again but with another group.

Last One day Progress Post

 These are the 2 paintings I made. I started with 2 colours (blue and orange) and picked 3 variations of those colours (crimson, aqua, ect.) and mixed them with white and black to get other colours. Then I just slapped everything together to get these abominations.

One day Progress Post 4

I made another one withe the same colour scheme but inverted. On the other one I went for like a straight look so in the one I made it like round look.

One day Progress Post 3

I finished my art piece. I first made an orange blob in the middle and thought it looked like fire.

One day Progress Post 2

I didn’t like how the other one went so I decided to start fresh with the same colours.

One day Progress Post 1

This Is what I have so far. I think I want some more filling in the spaces.

Indus River Valley

Here is the video that was all handmade by Hyeyoung, Sophie, and Ryan.

One Day Post 1, Post 2

Post 1: Stretch and Explore: Acrylic, abstract painting, 3 layers

Post 2: Acrylic paint, 3 layers, abstract.

base layer: solid colour. Cool colour, maybe blue or green-blue

medium layer: abstract figures, warmish colours, maybe orange, red or red purple

top layer: details on abstract figures. added details. any colour that would look ok.


Living near water is better than living near land

I think it is good to live near a river because it is easier to transport items, there is more fertile soil to plant crops, and it is easier to hunt meat. 

The first reason it’s good to live near a river is because it is easier to transport items. It is easier to transport items through a river because there could just be a boat to move things around rather than to carry them. History has already proved this through the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians lived and settled near the longest river in the world. They transported goods through reed boats in which they paddle through. It is good to live near water because it is easier to transport goods through the river. 

The second reason that is beneficial to live near a river is because of the fertile soil. Water can fertilize soil during the flooding season. It is easier to plant and grow crops in fertile soil because fertile soil provides more life supporting nutrients than normal soil. Fertile soil also has more water stored in it. Crops can take that water and absorb it so the plant will grow healthier. It is better to live near a river because there is fertile soil. 

The last reason why it is good to live near a river is because it is easier to hunt and get meat. It is easier because there may be fish in the river so fishing could be a good source of food. The river is also a place where other animals drink water so when the animals are busy drinking water, they won’t notice or have time to run away when someone takes them for food. 

I think living near a river is more beneficial than living away from a river because it is easier to transport items, there is more fertile soil to plant crops, and it is easier to hunt meat. 

Ancient Humans and Modern Humans Thing link

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