Is it better to live closer or farther from the river?

Let’s start with looking at some pros and cons for living farther away from the river

Less animal to attack you so it will be safer farther from the river.
More people in a civilization.
After a little while, people could transfer water to people living far from the river.
Build canals.

Harder to get water.
Harder to get food.
Bad health.

Then let us look at pros and cons of living close to the river

Way quicker and easier to get water from the river.
They would have lots of water to drink.
Easier to hunt animals because they would be close to the river to get water.
They would use water to navigate.
They used water to wash their belongings and cook food.
They used water to grow their plants and crops.
They used water to travel.
Lots of fish you can catch in the river.
Humans intelligence to use water.
Modern paddle wheel in different countries
Development 8000 years ago to today.
The growing populations.
Better health and hygiene.

They would need to invent a new house, so animals could not come in and kill them.
There could be big floods.
Get sick from drinking polluted water.
Pollution in the water from yellow dust in the wind.

Without water there would be no human civilization!

Living close to the river:

Water is very important, early humans used water for a lot of things like: to drink water, navigate, wash things, cook, water plants and crops, travel on seas. Humans used water to cool down on a hot day.
There are lots of great thing about early humans living near the river. One of the best things about early humans living near the river is that they would have a much better health than people living farther from the river because, there would be more trees, easier to get water, easier to get food, more space, they could make their own food, much better oxygen, and they could fish in the lake.

Early humans saw that flooding was a big problem so later humans, built embankments along rivers and raised their lake dwelling habitations. Water mills are used to raise water levels for irrigation or to reach the upper levels of dwelling. Humans that lived far from the river built canals so then almost everyone in their civilization could get water.

Later Humans learned how to control water. Humans found out that they could transform water into energy. Humans used the modern paddle wheel to employ in the production of hydroelectric energy.
Later on, humans built step cisterns of circular and elliptical form (the system) which resembled small amphitheaters to extract water from the air.
Humans saw that you couldn’t just drink the water straight out of the river because it had pollution in it from yellow sand from the wind. They recycled sewage water, used water fertilized by nature, procured drinking water from sea water.
Today’s resource said that water must be managed “rationally” by modern technology without losing sight of the traditional knowledge and teachings of ancient peoples.
Early humans discovered that they could control water they first controlled and made energy with slaves, then animals, stone, sticks, bamboo, canals, and today technology. Later humans also discovered that pipes should be made from plastic, steel, or stone so as not to produce polluted water.
Later in time humans found out how to control of the movement of water with hydrology energy to rise their human population and cities like, Cordoba, Damascus, Baghdad, Fez, and Marrakesh.


To answer the main question, is it better to live closer or farther from the river?
It is better for early humans to live closer to the river because, they would have a better health, lots of food to hunt, and lots of fish that they could catch in the river. If they would live close to the river, they would have lots of water to drink, water to cook with, water to grow their own food, water to cool them down on a hot day, and water to wash their stuff.

Thanks to human intelligence, they found out how to use the river, water, sea water. The humans started to recycle water, using new irrigation technology used to reduce activities which caused pollution near water sources.
Without water there would be no human civilization because humans, animals, plants, and so much more needs water to survive. That is one of the main things why it is better to live close to the river and use today’s human technology to get fresh and clean water.