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Stephan, Alex, and Jinho were trading with the group while Yuki and I started writing the laws, after gathering all the materials, Yuki and I read the instructions while the three boys started making the top-secret invention. During the activity, I personally traded the items and made some of the written languages. As a group, we divided the work by first the whole group draws the written language after some people started gathering and trading the materials using written language while some people were writing the laws. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was to gather all the materials we needed to build the top-secret invention, while having some more materials left. Our weakest point as a civilization was to have to less tape that we can’t finish the top-secret invention. If I could do this activity again, I would trade for more tape because we didn’t have enough.

Indus River-Indoor plumbing


This is the file for Our project,  Indus river-Indoor plumbing.

Scarf Making

One of the biggest challenges for me is to knit the scarf with two yarns because I always get messed up with the two yarns by always knitting one yarn instead of two, but I overcome it by knitting more carefully and slowly.

If I had another chance, I would make the scarf longer because it is too short.


Early Humans and Us

This is a Thinglink for my “Early Humans and Us” project.

Penguin’s Future

The third picture is my cup insulator, the design challenge is to make a cup insulator to keep the drink warm. My partner and I added 3 layers of felt, neoprene and wool. We also added a lid to prevent heat loss. If I could remake this insulator, I would use materials that are thinner and better because our cup insulator turned out really big and a little bit hard to grab from the handle. I’m proud because our insulator worked, and worked very well. At first, I thought that this idea won’t work because the wool is too puffy and the insulator will turn out too big to grab the handle. I think that the hardest thing in this project is to plan out the insulator because we have to measure the cup, plan out how much material we need.

How to gat drinkable water on a deserted island


This picture represent what I am feeling about blogging in 6th grade. I am not really confident about blogging and posting because I have never used this site before, but I think that I will be good at it soon.

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