Chinese game one day 2019 Jacob Sun G6

For one day I was doing Chinese game culture, I learned/refreshed Chinese games, I also taught others how to play Mahjong.

I decided to do this because I didn’t know a lot about Chinese games so I thought it would be interesting

What did you do well? I taught people how to play Mahjong (4 people)

What did you learn?  I learned how to play some games I didn’t know how to play like Gog

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? I am used to playing Taiwan mahjong and I had to switch to Canto mahjong

Why is one day important? One day is important to try and learn new things

I liked how we played different Chinese games that we don’t usually play a lot (Chinese chess, Gomoku etc).

Chinese game culture was extremely fun, we could play Chinese games and learn about them, teaching people was really fun and also really entertaining. Learning different styles of games was also really fun, and also playing games like Mahjong in general, is really fun.

Egyptian mummification video

This is our video about Egyptian mummification

Humanities ancient Egypt video

For Humanities we had to make videos teaching about ancient civilizations, Vicky, Ellia, Andrew, and I made it about ancient Egypt, Teaching about mummification.

Humanities thinglink

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Godiva Hyperwarm®

Start your day with a delicious hot drink.

The Godiva Hyperwarm is a cheap and affordable insulator for your cup.  

This is an amazing insulator that is designed to reduce heat loss and protect your hands from those annoying burns. It is filled with paper, cotton and felt, with a very convenient velcro strap, the Godiva Hyperwarm is a fashionable and affordable option for your cup.


What would you do differently: We would try to use sewing instead of hot glue as our way to connect things as sewing is much stronger than hot glue. 

What are you proud of: We were proud of how comfortable our design was. 

What was the hardest thing about the project: The hardest thing about this project was that we had a lot of problems, for example, the hot glue was too weak, the felt was not tight enough and a lot small of problems like that.

Luckiest Room (Last year because I missed field trip)

On the last few months of 5th grade we went to singing deer lodge, we got to choose who we went with. I decided to go with Tate and Clarence, we got the three person room, little did we know when we got there we realized that the three person room was a luxury room, we got an actual bed AND another room with a bunk bed we had our own bathroom and shower so we didn’t have to go outside to shower or go to the toilet. BUT the one thing was that bugs LOVED our room and Clarence hated bugs and was super scared of them, so every like 15 minutes Mr. Parun would come to our room with a towel and slap daddy longlegs and mosquitoes.

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