''it always seems impossible until it's done'' Nelson Mandela

spring trip

i learned how to make fire and making a life raft

i learned about other classmates in our civilisation group

making food on a camp fire

making fire

find a good place to build your civilisation


Cranky Contraption

Ancient China And Calligraphy

This is the our video about ancient Chinese language and character, this is a common craft/ chalkboard animation

Early Humans and Us! Tech

The Life Changers

joy and I designed this cup set insulator that is capable of keeping  the heat inside the mug, the materials we used were fabric that raps around the mag , mylar raped inside the fabric , velcro to make them attached, the lad was made of some thin fabric and inside had mylar to keep heat in side the mug.

I am proud of being a part of the saving penguin unit and helping to solve variety problems,The hardest thing about the project was when we had different ideas and argument. I think the quality of our cup is very good and we improved on the insulation part of the work.

Hello world!

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