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Water Filter Machine


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Engineering is building things that help human life and making it better.                                                                           Materials: We used cotton buds, steel wool, cloth, plastic bottles and rubber bands.                                                   Challenges: The challenge for us was that the hole was too big so our water didn’t filter as much because the unfiltered water went through too fast.                                   How the filterer works: The steel nets block the sand and rocks, the layers of cloth take care of the smaller particles. The cotton buds should suck away some of the unfiltered water.


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I was never afraid to become a blogger,  blogging will be my tool and I will handle it with great ease. We will use it like never before, 6th grade nailed it.

Literary Essay #3

Sometimes you feel lonely, but because of that, you work harder with no distraction, you work hard to make friends, or school.

A reason is, sometimes with friends and school going, you work not as hard as usual since you play with your friends, talk and you may forget about concentrating on homework or other goals you want to reach. An example is that in Year of the boar and jackie robinson, Shirley got hit by Mabel, her eyes were all black which showed that she wasn’t very welcome with the other kids. When her parents brought her to the police station, she didn’t tell on Mable, this shows that she had more determination.

For instance, sometimes kids just don’t welcome you, they don’t like you playing with them. So they just ignore you which makes you feel lonely, but this teaches you to stand up for yourself. An example is in Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson , Shirley wanted to play stick ball with the others but everyone didn’t want her on their team, they laughed at her and treated her like a loser.But Shirley was even more determined to make her future days better than the days of loneliness.

One last reason is sometimes after a hard time such as loneliness can help you make or wish for a better future. An example is when Shirley had the piano lesson that she disliked, she planned to do a lot of things in the summer.She hoped for her summer to be better than the school days.

As you can see, sometimes pain can really make you stronger.All the laughter Shirley got made her a better student, this is why loneliness can make you work harder.



Literary Essay #2

A Essay based on the story “All Ball”

Author: Marry Pope Osborne 

By: Janelle

     In the story All Ball, Marry’s father was leaving to Korea in 6 weeks, he will be gone for a year. Marry was devastated by the news but with the 50 cents her dad gave her, she bought a ball and it became her everything, she named the ball All ball. One day her All Ball got ripped apart and anger and grief was all she could feel. A reason objects can change a person’s feeling is how there was anger and grief inside Mary when All ball “Died”.

Sometimes when you parents buy you gifts, you feel unique or special and the gifts you receive makes you feel different from others, and thats when you feel happy. As an example Marry said the ball is bouncy spunky and vibrant. This shows that Marry thought that the ball was alive, it was the only ball that she would ever like, she felt that it was party of her family.

Another reason is that sometimes kids treat their toys like a family member, but parents don’t understand how they feel about their toys. For instance, when her dad was showing a new blue and white ball it enraged Marry even more, when that happened you could tell that nothing could replace her All ball, it was everything she wanted. When he offered her the ball she said ‘”I hate it! Go away!”, and when he asked “You won’t let me give you this new ball?” she answered “NO!” with another wave of grief. This is a example of why objects can change a person’s feelings.

Sometimes parents accidentally destroy/ruin their kids toys, they tell the kids we’ll buy you that again. They don’t understand their kids love for only that one thing, even if it’s the same thing their kids won’t feel the same. Finally, the last example is when her ball got ripped into pieces and her dad said “I’ll buy you another ball” Marry thought that he couldn’t have uttered crueler words. She thought that nothing could replace his spirit, his bounce and his steadfastness. This shows that she feels like her dad is actually taking away everything that made her happy.

As you can see, Marry’s ball was all she cared for that time when she heard her dad was leaving for Korea, and just because of All ball, anger and grief had swelled up inside her. All these reasons show why objects can actually change a person’s feelings.

Literally Essay #1

Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding

Story by: Lenore Look

Literary Essay by: Janelle

     In my opinion, Uncle Peter is a good man. He watches movies with the girl after a hot dog lunch, for his bride he sang, climbed trees and did cartwheels and his good personality let’s Stella love him. In the story “Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding” The main characters Uncle who was called Peter, was having a wedding and he was marrying Stella.

For instance, He watches movies with the main character after a hot dog lunch. This shows that he is very kind and willing to do a lot of things with his niece. An example is when the main character of the book said “Tis is Uncle Peter, my father’s baby brother, a girl’s best buddy. This means that the main character feels uncle peter is a cool person. Another  part of the story shows this too. The little girl said “Let’s go” during the wedding, this states how high a rank Uncle Peter is in the girl’s heart.

The next reason is that he was having a marriage with Stella.This means he has a good personality and attracted Stella an her family. Everything Uncle peter can do, he is talented at and his background info can let a rich family like him.

One last reason is, when Stella was supposed to pour tea but instead she poured hot water. Uncle Peter was very worried. This shows he wants most of the things to go “Perfect” and his reaction towards problems showed the effort he spent on preparing for the marriage and the importance of the tea drinking.

As you can see in the story :”Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding”, Uncle Peter is willing to spend  his time with his niece, find Stella for a marriage and work hard to achieve his goals, this all shows that Uncle Peter is a good man.



The Dark Secret


Star flight found himself in a cave where all the Night wings are, he saw the prophecy maker Morrow seer who said the prophecy about the five dragons who will save the war and they are the dragonets of prophecy, they are: Sunny the Sand wing, Clay the Mud wing, Glory the Rain wing, Tsunami the Sea wing and Star flight the Night Wing. Glory just became the new queen of the Rain wings and was planning to save her prisoners from the Night wing secret hide out where a lot of Night wings are who captured 14 Rain wings, Glory plans to attack using the Rain wings venom and save the prisoners which included the other Rain wing queen: Dazzling. Star flight was looking around when he saw Morrow seer in front of him, Morrow seer showed him how they hunt and how they train, Morrow seer makes other dragonets fit in the prophecy by forcing them not because they were born for the prophecy, Star flight tried convincing Morrow seer but he would not listen but when his Night wing friend Fate speaker gets into a fight Morrow seer said to start he pushes a dragonet under the lava which kills the dragon. After days on the island Star flight finds out that the volcano the Night wings live in are to hot for creatures to live on this island, which means less creatures there are for the dragons to kill and that means the Night wings will starve soon.

Star flight escapes from the island with his friend Fate speaker as they go back to his friends Sunny, Glory, Clay and Tsunami and he sees the Night wing queen who got hit with frost breath down her throat, she swims in the lava without dying since the heat balances the cold inside her by the frost breath, When glory knew about what Star flight saw she immediately called on the Rain wings to attack on the Night wings to bring the lost dragons back but Rain wings never use venom on dragons, they do not know how to fight, so Star flight came up with a great idea which was to use sleeping darts at the guards, they would sleep and the Rain wings could attack on the Night wings and bring the prisoners of the Night wings back. Star flight brought Glory to the Night wing queen which knew of Glory, the only Rain wing who knows how to fight. Greatness the princess of the Night wings begged them to let the Night wings live. So Glory requested for a trade, she lets the Night wings make her be their queen then she allows to help the Night wings but Battle winner the current queen refuses with great determine but then when she came out the lava the volcano erupted… everyone fled Glory brought all the Rain wings prisoners out and everyone flew away from the volcano, off of the island, the Night wings heard about the speech Glory said and were so relieved that they could live in the rain forests with the Rain wings to eat fruits all day long and have a new queen, but before they ran away Morrow seer told them something very confusing: The prophecy isn’t real.


Star flight is a blind dragon, he is very knowledgable read a lot of scrolls (books) and is very nice, likes Sunny


If I really saw my family fight other people and they get hurt I would do the same as Star flight and do anything to help my family.


Is to care for others even if they don’t seem like what you think. To give others another chance.


The Hidden Kingdom


Glory and her friends, the dragonets of destiny Sunny, Star Flight, Clay, Tsunami and Webs a dragon that was dragged along with them went in the rainforest, Glory was a Rain wing, but stayed with Scarlet, the queen of Sky Wings but Glory chose to go to the rainforest and look for her tribe. The current queen of the Rain wings is Magnificent. Most dragons in the rain wing tribe don’t want to be queen so when one of them wants to be queen they become it. But, the queen before Queen Magnificent was the queen: Dazzling  she disappeared mysteriously. Glory and her friends were walking in the rainforest when Sunny suddenly disappeared! Then one by one they all did, Sunny first then Webs, then Clay did too right after Tsunami disappeared, but that was enough for Glory to figure out what was happening. Before Glory and Star Flight could disappear, they hid. Glory knew they were Rain Wings like her that could change the colour of their scales anytime. She shouted for them to come out, and they did. the Rain wings were Liana and Jambu and a few others. When Jambu took them to the Rain wing tribe Glory has asked him how do Rain wings see which eggs are their own eggs? Jambu said that Rain Wings raise them altogether, you do not know who is your mother or father. But Jambu showed her a trick, he spit his venom on a leaf and instructed glory to hit the exact same spot, miraculously she hit the same spot and Jambu’s venom stopped spreading. Jambu was very excited since only if your in the same family, your venom can stop your other family members. When Glory found out about the missing dragons, she immediately set of in search for them. She was still thinking about her venom shooting when she got hit in the back of her head and woke up in a cave.


Glory is a Rain wing, has a sloth pet, very adventurous, brave and caring.


I would be as adventurous as Glory if there was a case of missing people I would want to help search for them. And if I could camouflage I would certainly practice my skills on venom shooting and stopping my feeling to take over my scales.


I think the theme of this story is to tell you: never give up when your in danger, be strong. Help others and everything is important, be careful at anytime.


Ink Spell


Meggie’s parents came to the ink world too since the bad guys used Orpheus to bring them to the ink world. Mortola shot Mortimer in the arm and he continued bleeding and had to heal while Resa watched over him. Nettle, the healer was asked to come over and heal Mortimer but she didn’t arrive in time and when she was there all the people, villagers, the prince, Mortimer, Resa were all gone, nobody knows where they are.

Fengolio re-made Cosimo, the Laughing Prince’s son. He had a angelic smile but was not exactly like the original Cosimo, Fengolio wrote all the words describing Cosimo and Meggie read them out loud so Fengolio could make another Cosimo. But Meggie found out how Fengolio based the legendary robber bluejay on her father, Mortimer she looked at a sleeping child and she was based on how she would sleep in her father’s lap.

Fengolio waited for Cosimo to call on him, but he waited a long time and nothing happened, finally Cosimo called for him, and he told him that he needs to be full, he doesn’t remember anything and was hoping that Fengolio can tell him about his history and write it down for him in one week so he can read it to fill himself up. But then the villain Basta came along and raised his knife ready to kill Fengolio, Fengolio knew that he hid a knife under his pillow but as he moved his hand under it Basta put his knife closer to him, he knew that before he could get a proper grip on his knife Basta would strike.


Basta is an evil man, he got killed but appeared in the normal world and was read into the ink world by Orpheus and plans to kill Mortimer which is the bluejay. Fengolio is the creator of the Ink world, he wrote all of the characters in the book while he stole ideas from Mortimer and Meggie.


I would be very happy if my parents came to my world and I understand basta when he wants to kill Mortimer since Mortimer is the bluejay, the robber.



A Tangle of Knots


Cady has a talent on baking cakes, she can see what type of cake you are and make the perfect cake for you, Cady lives in Miss Mallory’s orphanage. She has always had people visit the orphanage and ask Miss Mallory to take Cady, And Miss Mallory agrees, every time CAdy tries to be the perfect daughter but always has to leave the house. Nobody seems to be her perfect parent so she stays with Miss Mallory and of course Miss Mallory likes Cady too! Marigold and Cady met when one day the Ashers came in, and Marigold and Cady became friends immediately. Cady says that Marigold is a lime pound cake and she baked a lime pound cake for Marigold. Marigold was practicing the oboe when V came in, V was staring at Marigold’s oboe and seemed to be very interested in the oboe, Marigold taught her how to blow in it and explained where the air comes from. Her mother came in and asked about if V is bothering Marigold, and Marigold answered no since she was just teaching V.

One day when Cady was resting she saw this man walk up to the door as he picked up the flowers she dropped he had a suitcase with a rope with tied knots on the rope in the suitcase. He said “It’s a funny thing, fate.” he said other things about fate and when Cady wanted to answer him he disappeared.


I play a instrument like Marigold plays an oboe,  I like cakes like Cady does, and I respect my family like Cady would if she had a family.


Cady has a eye for personalities, she can see what cake you are, Marigold is searching for her talent, she’s nice and plays the oboe.



Dustfinger the fire raiser traveled from his world (Ink world) to the human world, he brings Farid, Gwin with him but when he wanted to go back to the Ink world Orpheus only brought Dustfinger back leaving Farid’s story part behind, Orpheus reads people into his writing’s so he brought Dustfinger back but since he didn’t like Farid, he left him in the human world. Farid stole his page of parts and went to find another girl named Meggie that can also read people into books. He was all hurt when he got to Meggie’s house, she said if she read him into the pages she would go with him, he was not happy about it but she still read him and herself into the Ink world. Once she got into the Innk world she met her friend Fenoglio, he is the creator of the Ink world, Meggie and Farid traveled for days in the forest, eating berries and rabbits that Farid caught. Until she finally got to Fenoglio’s house. He brought her to the Prince of sighs which was originally the Laughing Prince before his son died (Cosimo the fair). The prince of sighs has a bear that is very loyal to him, and is very angry in front of strangers, the prince of sighs actually thought that Meggie was Fenoglio’s girl friend!

Dustfinger was reunited with Roxane (his wife) and finally Farid found Dustfinger with Meggie’s help.


Meggie is kind, adventurous and likes to help people, Farid likes Meggie a lot and is always loyal to Dustfinger and really likes Gwin (Dustfingers bird). Dustfinger is a person that is not afraid of the dark, he is very brave and loves his family.


I remember when my dad was mad at me for going to some places that I want like how Meggie’s dad (Mortimer) didn’t let Meggie to help Farid to go to the Ink World.

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