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Simulation, Day 1 Of Ancient Mesopotamia

As a group, we divided the work load up by allowing Nick to draw the blue print of the temple, while Eric and Lucas made the laws. Isabella and I traded and made a written language.

During the activity, I personally made written languages and traded for items with Isabella and our team built the catapult altogether.

Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was to create the top-secret invention that allowed us to win all wars.

If I could do this activity again, I would change our attitude towards the whole simulation so that we could let us work faster and keep us even more concentrated.

Our weakest point was that we didn’t have much architecture and some laws weren’t made yet.

Top Chef of the Times 6th Grade

I chose top chef, for I wanted to try and make  food that would be yummy and made by myself, since at home, my parents don’t buy me materials to make, plus they don’t cook often (maybe not even once a year), and I really enjoyed cooking once I tried it so I would like to cook with this chance . But most importantly is my love for food!

To make things fun, the teachers decided to add in a mystery ingredient, they took paper bags and each bag apparently had an ingredient that had to be used in one of the dishes each group cooked. All of us pointed to one bag and we got… Spinach! Spinach was easier to use than a lot of other ingredients picked by other groups, but we couldn’t find a dish that would fit it. So we finally chose to put it in the mushroom soup!

Our group chose mushroom soup as an appetizer due to our impression of its nice taste and how easy the recipe seemed like, the result turned out a bit salty. But it was nice overall, while since our mystery ingredient was spinach we chose to add it to the soup which gave our mushroom soup a spinach taste.  While we were finished with the whole soup, we found tha

t the presentation wasn’t that nice, so we decided to decorate it with cheese and bread which tasted quite well with the soup.

We chose Spaghetti Carbonara as a main dish because we thought it would fit our appetizer well, and it has a nice taste. Our spaghetti had a cheesy flavoring with bacon and eggs to help the flavor thrive. Meanwhile, we got introduced to the mystery ingredient: Spinach, we decided to use it in our spaghetti since we had to use it after all.

At last for dessert, we chose lava cake, even though lava cake is made by almost every group, we believe ours can be made well at the same time! The lava cake we made didn’t work as well as we expected, there was not any type of liquid chocolate flo

wing out of the cake, even so, the cake worked out really well, the middle fo the lava cake was filled with rich dark chocolate flavoring. Due to the lumpy layout of the lava cake, we use apple jam to help present it as decoration, spinach leaves were used to show leaves of the sunflower. since so we named our cake the ‘Sunflower Chocolate Cake’!

I felt that one day was important since it would give us time to try out new things and let our interest in different categories rise and help us interact with more people!

Indus River Valley Civilization Research.

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River advantages.

Living next to rivers are a good thing, since transportation was easier which meant messaging which between villages, and that could alert them from enemies or disasters coming in, with transportation it allowed villages to communicate and that helped villages a lot. Water with crops could make wine, which is a difference from water, during the summer time, living next to a river gave cool temperatures which helped a lot. While in the early times we found floods hard to deal with, so people moved away from the rivers, but soon we found the importance of water so humans-built walls that could stop floods and keep themselves safe. Living next to rivers could offer more construction on land and generate more surpluses which could keep the people alive. Living next to water influenced culture of human kind and civilizations which caused a different form of civilization.


Early humans thing link piece

This is my thing link that shows a timeline, and paragraphs with citations about how the modern humans early humans evolved along with their usage with food.

Water Filter Machine


  (The picture is blurry so I had to type the information again next to the picture)

Engineering is building things that help human life and making it better.                                                                           Materials: We used cotton buds, steel wool, cloth, plastic bottles and rubber bands.                                                   Challenges: The challenge for us was that the hole was too big so our water didn’t filter as much because the unfiltered water went through too fast.                                   How the filterer works: The steel nets block the sand and rocks, the layers of cloth take care of the smaller particles. The cotton buds should suck away some of the unfiltered water.


Blogging, Bloggers, Posts and Ideas.



I was never afraid to become a blogger,  blogging will be my tool and I will handle it with great ease. We will use it like never before, 6th grade nailed it.

Literary Essay #3

Sometimes you feel lonely, but because of that, you work harder with no distraction, you work hard to make friends, or school.

A reason is, sometimes with friends and school going, you work not as hard as usual since you play with your friends, talk and you may forget about concentrating on homework or other goals you want to reach. An example is that in Year of the boar and jackie robinson, Shirley got hit by Mabel, her eyes were all black which showed that she wasn’t very welcome with the other kids. When her parents brought her to the police station, she didn’t tell on Mable, this shows that she had more determination.

For instance, sometimes kids just don’t welcome you, they don’t like you playing with them. So they just ignore you which makes you feel lonely, but this teaches you to stand up for yourself. An example is in Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson , Shirley wanted to play stick ball with the others but everyone didn’t want her on their team, they laughed at her and treated her like a loser.But Shirley was even more determined to make her future days better than the days of loneliness.

One last reason is sometimes after a hard time such as loneliness can help you make or wish for a better future. An example is when Shirley had the piano lesson that she disliked, she planned to do a lot of things in the summer.She hoped for her summer to be better than the school days.

As you can see, sometimes pain can really make you stronger.All the laughter Shirley got made her a better student, this is why loneliness can make you work harder.



Literary Essay #2

A Essay based on the story “All Ball”

Author: Marry Pope Osborne 

By: Janelle

     In the story All Ball, Marry’s father was leaving to Korea in 6 weeks, he will be gone for a year. Marry was devastated by the news but with the 50 cents her dad gave her, she bought a ball and it became her everything, she named the ball All ball. One day her All Ball got ripped apart and anger and grief was all she could feel. A reason objects can change a person’s feeling is how there was anger and grief inside Mary when All ball “Died”.

Sometimes when you parents buy you gifts, you feel unique or special and the gifts you receive makes you feel different from others, and thats when you feel happy. As an example Marry said the ball is bouncy spunky and vibrant. This shows that Marry thought that the ball was alive, it was the only ball that she would ever like, she felt that it was party of her family.

Another reason is that sometimes kids treat their toys like a family member, but parents don’t understand how they feel about their toys. For instance, when her dad was showing a new blue and white ball it enraged Marry even more, when that happened you could tell that nothing could replace her All ball, it was everything she wanted. When he offered her the ball she said ‘”I hate it! Go away!”, and when he asked “You won’t let me give you this new ball?” she answered “NO!” with another wave of grief. This is a example of why objects can change a person’s feelings.

Sometimes parents accidentally destroy/ruin their kids toys, they tell the kids we’ll buy you that again. They don’t understand their kids love for only that one thing, even if it’s the same thing their kids won’t feel the same. Finally, the last example is when her ball got ripped into pieces and her dad said “I’ll buy you another ball” Marry thought that he couldn’t have uttered crueler words. She thought that nothing could replace his spirit, his bounce and his steadfastness. This shows that she feels like her dad is actually taking away everything that made her happy.

As you can see, Marry’s ball was all she cared for that time when she heard her dad was leaving for Korea, and just because of All ball, anger and grief had swelled up inside her. All these reasons show why objects can actually change a person’s feelings.

Literally Essay #1

Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding

Story by: Lenore Look

Literary Essay by: Janelle

     In my opinion, Uncle Peter is a good man. He watches movies with the girl after a hot dog lunch, for his bride he sang, climbed trees and did cartwheels and his good personality let’s Stella love him. In the story “Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding” The main characters Uncle who was called Peter, was having a wedding and he was marrying Stella.

For instance, He watches movies with the main character after a hot dog lunch. This shows that he is very kind and willing to do a lot of things with his niece. An example is when the main character of the book said “Tis is Uncle Peter, my father’s baby brother, a girl’s best buddy. This means that the main character feels uncle peter is a cool person. Another  part of the story shows this too. The little girl said “Let’s go” during the wedding, this states how high a rank Uncle Peter is in the girl’s heart.

The next reason is that he was having a marriage with Stella.This means he has a good personality and attracted Stella an her family. Everything Uncle peter can do, he is talented at and his background info can let a rich family like him.

One last reason is, when Stella was supposed to pour tea but instead she poured hot water. Uncle Peter was very worried. This shows he wants most of the things to go “Perfect” and his reaction towards problems showed the effort he spent on preparing for the marriage and the importance of the tea drinking.

As you can see in the story :”Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding”, Uncle Peter is willing to spend  his time with his niece, find Stella for a marriage and work hard to achieve his goals, this all shows that Uncle Peter is a good man.



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