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Ancient Mesopotamia- Day One Simulation Reflection

Our task during today’s simulation was to make our team the richest society (group) in the class. There were five different jobs: Law enforcing, Architecting, creating a Written language, Trading, and The Secret Project, which was a catapult. Whoever was the richest society won the simulation.

My job was to create the written language and after that help with creating the laws. One thing that worked really well is that we had a lot of our supplies from the start, and one weak point was that our team had a limited amount of tape because other teams needed it as well. Next time I would suggest to split the jobs so that two people occupied the job that was more difficult, like the temple building worksheet.

fThis iMovie is about the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt. We made this video in our early civilizations group project and we chose the pyramids because we thought it had a lot to talk about. This project took us about 2 weeks, including the research, planning, script writing, filming and editing altogether. Enjoy the video!

One Day Photography Planning

Q1: I chose this activity because I really like taking photos of daily life, and especially when the people in my photos aren’t posing for the camera, but doing their everyday routine. Whenever I see something that would look interesting in a photo, I take a picture of it.

Q2: I hope to learn how to take better pictures on my phone, and learn to use the grid option (how it will affect the features of my photos.

Early Humans and Us Technology

This is my early humans and us technology project. I created a thinglink to present all my information.

I am from Lai Wong Bao and Harry Potter Books

This is a poem about where I am from. Instead of saying where i’m from like a place in the world, I describe myself coming from several objects, places and people that are important to me. I started to make a list of people who were important to me. Then slowly, I made lists of a lot of other things that were important to me. After 4-5 days, I completed this task and created an iMovie of my poem.

The Sprite bottle deserted island filter

Nerdy cat???


MS so far is really fun, especially when we got our lockers and schedules. Homework is not too hard (yet!!!), and classes are really exciting. I hope this goes on for the rest of the year!

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