Day One simulation Reflection 

(Ancient Mesopotamia) 

When I was in the group, I feel like my job was to kind of lead the team, I helped with the written language and laws, so I feel like I did a little bit of everything. 

We didn’t really decide, It was more of a “Who is the best at this?” and “Are you good at this?” kind of situation, but it worked out either way, so I’m glad. 

Our biggest accomplishment was that we built a catapult that destroyed the other civilizations.  They can call us unfair, but that’s what happened all those years ago.  No one wanted to give up their materials and it stayed that way, and look what happened. 

The weakest point as a civilization was us not really working together as well as we were supposed to.  We didn’t communicate as much as we expected so that’s that. 

If we did this activity again, I would help the others more and take more responsibility for the team.  Sometimes, I was messing around, so I will be more focused next time.