The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. —Alice Walker

Spring trip

This Trip was ok, I guess. We did some activities that gave me new skill, like using a saw or making fire. The part of the trip that I enjoyed most was the raft building activities, we had to build a raft and and ride it around a lake. It was extremely funny to see our raft fall  apart and all of us kids fall down into the lake, making a huge smash. The most challenging part was the rooms. It was dirty, with bugs crawling all over the floor, unbearable to sleep. What was worse was that I had to sleep on the ground since two of my roommates got first dibs on the bed. AHH! Also, our toilet was broken, and when my roommate did some business in there, it smelled like when my brother dishes he made once at dinner, I was awake all night by the smell.

My advice I’d like to give you is never share the room with 2 friends, because one of you is going to sleep on the disgusting floor and it’s probably going to be you.

Swing cranky contraption

This is the cranky contraptions I made in design, it is in a swing theme. I made it in 2 classes and I hope you enjoy it.

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

Today in Humanities, we did an activity that made me understand about how it feels like to be in the Ancient Mesopotamia civilization. During the activity, I personally was the one who was making the laws of our ancient civilization. I was working with Minh and together we created laws that I’d were pretty acceptable, and without those laws our community wouldn’t be a community.

While Minh and I was doing that, the rest of my group, Reina and Sophie was working at our secret language, a language that we could use without talking but still somehow interacting and communicating with each other. The goal is for us to create a secret invention that would make our civilization more luxurious, more advanced so we could always have a surplus of food.

Our biggest accomplishment was collaborating with each other, we each did our part and very quickly and effectively. The weakest part of our civilization was trading, our secret language was hard to understand, and the trading part took too long. If I had to do one thing differently it would be to make more clear and understandable language.



Today was One Day, my partner, Ryan, Dylan, Minh made a Giant chess. It was very hard though. We had to make 32 ponds!! Of course you’re asking that chess only has 16 ponds, so why do we need to make 32 ponds. Well, the reason is  our pawns was like a slot and you need to connect the two pawn  to make one pawn, so that was insanely hard. But, the project taught us how to collaborate, like I draw the model, you cut out model, he then paints model. Without good collaboration, we never could’ve finished the project. Also, I learned to use some other tools I never used before. I learned a lot of things. One day is very unique, and  I think its important because it lets other kids have a day so they can share their talents and use them, and I would definitely put this day as one of the best day ever!

Indus R. Valley Project

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The Big Debate!!

I vote for living close to the river because of many reasons. One of the reasons is that transportation is way easier, you can get water easily without a hassle. Walking far is also really time-wasting, so you should save the energy for doing something useful, like farming.

Next, the wet soil makes an awesome fertiliser for plant growth, which allows you to get a surplus of food, so running out of food shouldn’t be that much of a worry.

Finally, living far away from river makes it dangerous, because when you try to get water, you have to take a long wake, and some lions will be getting ready for dinner!



This is my Humanities project. It is called” Human communities developing over time”. The project took place a week ago and it’s due at December 14, about 2 weeks of time to finish it. I learned a lot of things from that project about HUMAN COMMUNITIES, and I hope you enjoy my project.

Overbuilt & Underpaid (Design Group)

Question: What are you proud of?

Answer: I am proud of being in this group and building two wonderful things, the penguin home and the cup insulator. I am also proud of creating this project, because when I create stuff it usually fails!

Question: What would you do differently?

Answer: What I would do differently is to buy more mylar for my penguin home project because mylar reflects heat, my team bought to much cotton, I mean, cotton is good for insulation but ice cubes doesn’t want heat, so at the end mylar is still better. Also for the cup I would want to put more foil tape because foil is a awesome insulator and prevents the amount of heat loss to be a lot

Question: What was the hardest part of these projects?

Answer: Believe it or not, the hardest part of this project was actually learning these complicated words, like thermal energy (definition:Thermal energy is the internal energy of an object due to the kinetic energy of its atoms) and conductors. But this project was really interesting and fun, and I learned a lot of new things, so of course I LIKED IT!

Sorry, but I didn’t have the picture for the board and the penguin project 🙁

Melting Ice caps

Human are affecting to ice caps by using to driving too

much cars, and cars are letting out fossil fuel which heavily

heats up the earth if you think about how much cars are there

on this planet.

Heat let Ice caps melt which is making more penguins homeless

every year!

Our Big Project!!

Our project is making a Machine using things that you can find in a random island, the goal is to make a machine that can make dirty water into clean, drinkable water. This project was pretty hard and it was also hard to come up with ideas to make the project. After we made the ideas, we have to make the project, which was easier and way more fun than thinking the ideas to make the project. We choose to make this machine is because this machine doesn’t take that long to make and its very efficient. It works by cleaning the water.

The water first passes through the first section where there is rocks, the rocks makes the little marbles in the water stuck and the water passes through it easily. Next, there is a thing layer of cloth which absorbs some water but all the sand can’t pass through.Finally, the water goes through a thick sand section and the sand absorbs some of the dirty germs in the water, that is how our machine works!!

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