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My Mesopotamia Reflection


Best day of my life

Teacher For A Day!!!!!!!!

I taught  grade 2 for my one day!!!!

They were so adorable and I almost melted when I saw them call me Ms.Jennifer.

I really want to be a teacher when I grow up!!

I thank my students for giving me such a great experience.

It was my best day of my life!

River is the best!

Living near the river has many good points. They could easily access to fresh water and  they had a great agricultural wealth.  They had wealth in storing foods and surplus more efficiently. They can water plants, wash, drink or navigate fish. Other than farming, water can gain construction efforts. Nile Valley saw significant migration. Without water, there would be no human civilisation. Living near water is great idea!

Early Human and Us

This is my grade 6 early human and us technology project.

Let’s save Molly!

    This is our poster for our project!

This is my penguin project
(left) and my insulator cup(right)

I have two things I am proud of. I am proud that I participate, especially on the cup. Second, I give a lot of idea to this work.

If I do this differently, I would use less velcro.

The hardest thing was to glue gun stuff and to make the foil round.






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