Early Humans!

Hi!Temperature Insulator

Our group, Jeong In, Rocky and Alex made a cool cup insulator called Hi!Temperature Insulator.


The book ‘Ungifted’ Trailer by Jeong In

I recently finished reading my book club book called’UNGIFTED’
This book is mostly about a boy who gets in to big troubles all the time.
He luckily gets a chance to join the academy of GIFTED kids, but he refuses to join the academy but, at last, he had to join because of his mom. What would happen to him at the academy?
To know more, click the link below to watch the trailer I made!

Click Here to watch my Trailer!

My ‘Where I am from’ Poem

I made a poem called ‘Where I am from’.
I made this poem video at HUMANITIES class and,
this POEM is about me.

Where I am from by Jeong In

The video was too big to post it on the ISB blog, so I posted in the Dragon’s Tube, which is the link up here.

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