"If you fall, I'll be there."- Floor

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

In the simulation, our goal was to finish all the requirements then build the secret invention which was a catapult. During the simulation, my job was to help with the laws and the written language. I found making punishments fun, I also thought that the language could have been a little bit harder. As a group we did not make a plan, instead, we just did whichever worksheet we wanted and it all turned out okay. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was the trading, this is because our merchant said that the trade was fair and we quickly gathered all our materials. Our weakest point was dividing the work. At times one or two people would have nothing to do. If I could do this activity again I would change the language partly because it was too easy.

Humanities Epic Film

This video was made by Jett, Bryan, and George. I had some fun with this project and thought it was cool. it is about the Mayan ball game.

Stop Motion One Day 1/22/19

I am planning to make an adventure/action movie where a ninja is sent to a place called the Borderlands(which is a lawless place in the film) to retrieve the sacred tea. I am working alone because I have already started storyboarding and planning. I have been doing stop-motion for 6 months to a year(I don’t know exactly). My goal is to create a fun enjoyable film that is high quality.

Early Humans And Us


In humanities class, we had some fun studying early humans and watching documentaries. Once we were clear on the basics of early humans, we divided up into three groups, Tech, Diet, and Community. I was in the diet group. Everybody wrote two paragraphs, made two infographics, found four primary sources, and made two timelines.

keep it cold or keep it hot


I think that we had success because we used good conductors and insulators, our conductor being aluminum, and our insulator being the neoprene. The aluminum would conduct the heat back into the mug and the insulator would stop the heat from escaping. This combo brought great success to our group and we only lost 5 degrees in our final test. Our difficulty was when we tried to use hot glue it deformed the mug insulator. I am proud of the results. If I had to do it again I would make it neater.

Cranky Obi-Wan

My biggest obstacle was when I had to make it look good sideways. This is because Obi-Wan was already glued in before I had to turn it around.

A skill that I learned was how to put on and take of the drill bits. I also learned how to Plan, Test,  and Revise.

One thing I’d like to change would be the material I used as the supporters. This is because someone gave me feedback and made me realize that foam may have been the quickest option but not the best.

I Am From Worn Baseball Gloves and “Work Before Play”

This is a poem I wrote in humanities class, we first made lists of thing that would give us ideas. Next we went on story bird and made it into a picture book. We then put it in iMovie and edited the sound recording. After that we posted it on Dragon Tube.

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Design challenge

The top one is if we had a pocket knife

Alex and I made this for the Design challenge



I like middle school, but I do not like forgetting my things in my locker and forgetting what class I have next.(This is also how I feel about DRAMA class)

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