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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During the activity, my job was to trade our product which is the fork with other products. It was a little bit hard to communicate without speaking. We just showed fork to another group pointing to their product. As a group, we divided the work as a picture part, temple part, and trading part. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was that we finished gathering all materials because there are not many groups gathered all materials, but we couldn’t make the top-secret invention, because we didn’t have much time, and also our group had arguments when we were trying to build the top-secret invention. Our weakest point as a civilization was communication. Almost everyone in our group has a different idea. So, there was a problem making those ideas into one. If I could do this activity again, I would try to listen to every group members’ idea and try to make it one idea that everyone agrees. 

I can save penguins!

I’m proud of my penguin dwelling because I think I used the squid wisely and efficiently.  I used bubble wraps in the inside and put styrofoam outside of the bubble wrap. I think the styrofoam is great insulator because when I was testing the materials, the styrofoam almost didn’t lose any heat. So, I cover the outside of penguin dwelling by styrofoam. I made my penguin dwelling very small that the ice cube just fits.  In the second design, I made another dwelling which covers the orginal dwelling. So, it can reflect  the light coming from the heat lamp. The hardest part of this project was using hot glue gun. While I was making the dwelling, I burned myself by hot glue gun about 7times. Next time, I should be more careful when I use hot glue gun.

My cup insulator lose total 5˚C in 10 minutes. It is really good at preventing heat loss but the outside design is not very good. It doesn’t looks like a “product”. If I could make one more time, I would be more careful about the design of the outside.

Our fantastic water filtering machine

We put very fine sand in the bottom layer. On the second layer, we put steel and on the top layer, we put big gravels. After we test our prototype, the water that we filtered by our prototype was very clean, and it was very transparent. We wanted to put charcoal on the second layer but we couldn’t prepare the charcoal. So, we put compressed  steel wool. But next day, the steel wool got rusty.

When we making the fine sands, it took very long time. every on our team worked on making fine sand. Because we did that, our prototype filtered water very clean.

Hello world!

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