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Field trip to local Chinese restaurant.

今天我和我的班去了中餐馆。因为我们要学习种勾人吃的东西和我们的 unit 是一日三餐。这个中餐馆在 shine hills。天气是晴天可是有一点儿风。我们班去了这个中餐馆一起坐公共汽车。这个中餐馆不太大 和有一点儿人。这个中餐馆很漂亮。我吃了北京的肉(我忘了这个肉的名字😅😅)这个肉还可以。肉是42RMB,米饭撕逼3RMB。我觉得这个中餐馆很好。

Trip to local Chinese restaurant

Last Friday we went to a local Chinese restaurant which was on shine hill, to explore and learn about Chinese culture and also about three meals in a day which is our topic for Chinese class. The weather was shiny and it was a little bit cold because of the wind. We went there by riding the school bus. The restaurant was not very big and had some people. What I ordered were beef and rice. It was ok. The beef was 42RMB and rice was 3RMB. It is not too expensive and it is not to cheep. I think it is pretty good. I enjoyed this trip a lot.

Ancient Egypt—– Jiwon, Arthur, Alex

we started by getting a little bit of background info so we know how Ancient civilizations have made. And then we got to choose own civilization and researched about that civilization. Our group was in Ancient Egypt, and our group’s Egyptian innovation was the door lock which Ancient Egyptian first made. And this is what we have come with. Hope you enjoy.

Day one Mesopotamia simulation

Durning humanities class our class played an activity. It was about surviving in the wild competing with other civilization. We had a civilization which is selected and it was picked by random. So what we had to do to win/make the civilization richer and strong was to make some laws, architecture, written language, and to trade with other civilizations. And since my job for this civilization was trading, when I traded it was kind of difficult because the rule was not to speak or write any kind of language that we understand with the other trader. How we decide who is going to do what we just picked what we want to do, and luckily it was just solved out. The best accomplishment was that we got to open the top-secret plan envelope which you need to finish the trade, laws, E.x. The worst part was that when we were making the catapult the tape was too weak so needed tape so much. If I could do this activity again I will make a law better than what we came today since Gracie made the most.


Everything is made of wood except for screws

Amazing LEGO table!!

For one day in the furniture making, I have created the amazing LEGO table. It was so cool

My biggest challenge was sanding because  I used wood I had to sand a lot to make the table softer.

My great success was that I have finished my table! I somehow thought I wasn’t able to finish in time. I am so proud that I have finished it

If I could make something different I want to make a small section.


to my fan

my Chinese work:

talking to my Chinese fans

Early Humans Diet

This early human unit I was in diet group and this is my work by research.

Check it out!!

Time in DESIGN class!!

This first trimester leant about DESIGN.

I DESIGN class we made a thing call automata (cranky contraption)

In the class obviously I had learnt about design but I learnt other thing and I want to share them

-I planed to finish in 4 days my crank however I needed more time and that is way my work is not done yet. So if you design something you might need 2 class more.



I think MS is creative as LEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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