"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." -Oscar Wilde

Hydraulics Enrichment Thinglink

One thing i learned about hydraulics is that water is unsquishable.

one obstacle i successfully overcame was cutting the piece of wood in to pieces. It was hard because we had to use the saws, and it was very tiring and you needed a lot of energy to do it.

one piece of advice i will give a student taking this next trimester is to make something that you can finish in time.

Humanities Ancient Mesopotamia Simulation

Today we had an activity about societies and trading. We were to build a model of a temple and create laws. We can trade items for our top-secret invention. During the activity, I helped with all the jobs, but just a little. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was our language because we finished it very fast. Our weakest point as a civilization was building our temple because we didn’t start the temple yet. If i were to change something, i would try to make the temple.


I think you should live near the river

I think you should live near the river. First, you could get water without walking far. You can also hunt easier as there are a lot of animals that come to drink from the river (and fishing). You can farm with the water in the river. The river is also used for transportation (with boats), which is helpful for trading around the world. Rivers provide water for bathing and washing clothes. Trees grow beside rivers, which maybe will provide fruits.

One Day

One day ideas

My idea is to draw on  the board with a black marker draw a battlefield of The Xides vs the Yaonies.

Early Humans and Us Technology

This my humanities project and it is about early humans and modern humans technology.
Here is the thinglink


This is my humanities project called I Am From. I used GarageBand to record, StoryBird to add the illustrations, and iMovie to put the all together.

The Ultimate purifier

How I feel about blogging


I’m super excited to have my own blog because I can note and remember things I did.

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