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Mayan civilization

This is my civilisation that I’m working on-The mayans.

My One Day-Food Review

We went to a western restaurant called ‘Steak And Eggs’, I ordered some pancakes and sausage. It was super delicious and was 32rmb. Then we went around Shine City to get a cup of drink in Starbucks. We reviewed what we ate and how the texture was. After we went to Aa Chinese restaurant called 让我们见个面. Me and Lily ordered some spicy mushroom with meat and ate together because it was too big. It was very spicy and very yummy too. Next, we went to Manna and we did our next food review work. After, we went to Häagen-Dazs and my friends got some ice-cream to eat. Then we went to Meet Fresh and we all ordered Bubble Tea. We were all very full and we had to go back.


This is my final project of early human’s community!!

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