Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

In this activity our class was split into different groups and each group had different materials to build the catapult. First, we had to create our own laws, create a language, and draw a temple to trade. We can’t talk when we are trading, but we could use the language we created when we are trading, after we got all the materials we could start to build the catapult, the first group to build it wins. During the activity my job was to design the temple. As a group, we divided the work load up by giving each person a job to work with, after we are done with our own job we could help each other. This way everybody in the group will be working on something. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilisation was everyone was working on something even if they are done with the job the group assigned them to do. Our weakest point as a civilisation was everyone wants to help to build the catapult, but sometime when everybody has different ideas it’ll be kind of messed up. If I could do this activity again, I would change the way I drew the temple, because I spent a long time drawing the inside of the temple. If there’s less detail, then I could save more time.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids


In humanities we chose a achievement and did research about it. Our group chose to do research on the ancient Egypt pyramids. Here is the video our group made.

One Day

I am planing to make a coaster on one day and this is the colour I am choosing to make the clock, I choose this colour, because it’s my favourite colour.

First, I need to put the materials into the bowl, but the bowl didn’t work so I had to  put it into a plate to cook it.

I put it into the oven and waited for the plastic to melt.

I sanded the coaster to make it smooth.

I am also planing to make a clock and this is the colour I’m choosing to make it.

First, I need to put the materials into the plate. (I added parchment paper to keep them in the shape I want them to be in.)

I put it into the oven and waited for the plastic to melt.

then I have to drill a hole into the clock, so that I could put the pointers in


One day inspiration

I’m planing to make a clock on One Day, and here is my inspiration. I chose to make a clock, because I need a clock in my bed room and I think that making one out of plastic will be fun. But I will change the colour of the clock when I make it.

Early Human and Us (Community)

We did research on early human and modern human, and I am in the community group. This is a Thinglink I made for this unit.

Design Challenge

I am proud of how we made the penguin design fit the ice cube.

next time i will make the insulator fit the cup better.

In these projects I learned about thermal energy and how energy transfer.


The theme of this automata is based on summer break.

One thing I’d like to change is the way I made the arm, because it moves up and down, but it also moved back and forward when I turn the handle.
My biggest success was how I made my automata two sides. ( one side is about summer break, and the other side is about playing tennis)
One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is don’t use so many hot glue if you don’t need to.

I Am From Homework and Toys

This poem is about my feelings and where I live. We started out making list about toys, important people, and important places. Then we start to write the draft and add in figurative language. At last we put it on Storybird and added our voice on IMovie. We worked on this poem for 4-5 days, we worked really hard to finish this poem.

Science Project


This is a design we made in science class, this design helps to clean water that is dirty. The water turn clean when we pour the water inside.


I am really excited about middle school.

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