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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During this activity, we worked as a society to complete this simulation. The simulation asked us to create law, architecture, written language, the secret invention for our groups that were called society; it also asked us to trade and compete with other societies. All the directions for each job were in different envelopes.

During this activity, I personally was the trader and inventor of written language and secret invention. As a group, we divided the workload up by having Andy as the law enforcer, Dylan as the architect, Lily and I to trade, create the written language and the secret invention for the society. We decided that two people should trade and create the language because we thought that both of the jobs are hard to do. We first thought that we should work on the secret invention. However Andy and Dylan were not able to finish their work, so Lily and I made it together.

The biggest accomplishment as a civilization was how we had a surplus of materials. The weakest point as a civilization was that we wasted time on something that we were not so clear about. For us to start creating the secret invention, we were supposed to trade and get all the materials that were on the list before we start building. One of the materials that were listed as “one table.” We did not understand what it meant, so we spent a lot of time trying to trade the “one table” with another society, however afterward we realized that it very meant nothing but a table.

If I could do this activity again, I would decrease the number of people who worked on the written language since it was a job that one person should be able to do. I also want to change the amount of time we spent to trade “one table.”

One Day – Positive Moments : creating my own calendar

My one day is the “Positive Moments.” I created a calendar with a picture and inspiring quotes fro each month. Everything was chosen very wisely and thoughtfully. I also made a cover for this calendar and named the title “A Season of Joy.” I used some pictures from what I took previously and some from the internet. And these are the pages I made…



I have two ideas for the calendar design. One of them was having one big icon of something that represents the month, the name of the month in the middle, and the dates located at the bottom. The second idea was what I chose to do. It was having the dates located at the left, the name of the month written in a fancy font on top of the dates, and a picture right next to it with a quote at the front. While making the calendar, I did change some ideas though. I used a website called Canva to create this calendar. Some inspirations are…



What did you do well?

I think I did well on choosing the quotes and pictures reasonably. I chose all of the quotes and pictures wisely and thoughtfully.


What did you learn?

I learned that looking for some inspirations will help you on your process while making.


What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

One of the challenges I faced was Canva not allowing me to download the work on to the desktop. So I created another blank page, then copied and pasted all of my work. For some reason, it worked.


Why is One Day important?

I think one day is important because it is like a day for us to take a break from studying and have some time to enjoy doing something that we like to do.

Mayan Calendar Civilization

This is our humanities project about the ancient civilization. Sophie Wang, Joy Lau, and I were in a group. Our focus was about one of the Mayan’s invention, calendars. We used powtoon to make the overall explanation and edited using iMovie. We weren’t able to download and insert the background music, so we had to record the music into the computer, and that is why the music is not high quality. All of us participated in this project, but we each did different things to complete this project.

Joy: Researching facts about the Haab calendar, voice recording about the Haab

Sophie W: Researching facts about the Long count calendar, voice recording about the Long count

Julia: Researching facts about the Tzolkin calendar, voice recording about the Tzolkin and introduction, making powtoon, editing, and writing the script

Is it better to live close to the river? ( Looking from the Early Human’s Perspective )

I strongly believe that living close to the river is a better idea rather than living in the forest. Firstly, there will be more convenient accessibility when living near the river. The convenient accessibility includes… access to fresh water and food such as meat and fishes. These accessibility are abled because fishes live in the river and animals come to the river for some water also since the river is nearby we will be able to have access to water very quickly. Secondly, living nearby the river is a better environment for agriculture. Water is one thing that is needed to farm and grow seeds. If we cultivate nearby the river, then the river will provide fresh water to the crops and let them grow. And lastly, all of the civilization we have right now had started from farming. All these technology and surroundings that we are now familiar all came from the start of agriculture. Therefore, I firmly think that it was an excellent choice for the early humans to live near the river.

Early Human and Us

Attached above is the thinglink for the early human project. There was three groups, technology, food and community. I was in the community group.

Penguin Dwelling Project

This picture above is our penguin dwelling habitat for the science project. Sophie, Jiyuan, Kevin, and I created this as a group. One thing I am very proud of is that the how we chose and examined our materials before making a penguin dwelling. If I was able to change one thing from this penguin dwelling, I would like to improve the overall looking. Our group was focusing more on the function, so we weren’t bothering about the overall looks. Therefore, our penguin dwelling does not look very good, so we wanted to change, but we had no time. Our dwelling is a great conductor, and it releases a lot of thermal energy. We used mylar, aluminum foil, foam sheet, and bubble wrap to create this dwelling. We chose these materials because after examining we realized that these materials are a good conductor.  After doing this project, I learned how to use all our group member’s time wisely. When some of our group members were wandering around not knowing what to do and disturb other groups, I gave them jobs to do. This made us use our time wisely, cooperate and participate more as a group, and finish faster than when Sophie and I did everything.

MS café Cup Insulator


Sophie Lam and I made this cup insulator for the science design challenge. We were in a group and we cooperated very well as a group. I am proud of how much this cup insulator keeps the heat trapped. If I was able to change one thing about this insulator, I would like to make the lid stabilized. As you can see above, our lid is separated from the insulator. I wish I can fix the lid so the water won’t lick when it falls, this way our insulator can be used safely. In the process of making this, we faced few problems. One of them is creating the lid. Our lid is made out of wood, and we had some trouble cutting the wood. We think our insulator is good quality because our cup insulator is very good at preventing the heat loss. This insulator is made out of thin wood, thick wood, red wire, aluminum foil, neoprene, and mylar. The thin wood, thick wood, aluminum foil, and the red wire is used to make the lid. The neoprene and the mylar is used for the cup insulator. Our first design decreased –Celsius, while our redesign only decreased –Celsius. One skill I learned while making the insulator is being able to cut the woods. First, when Sophie and I saw the cutting tools, we were afraid. However, after few practices, we had no problem dealing with it anymore. We decided to make our logo as MS Café because my real name starts with the alphabet ‘M,’ and Sophie’s starts with a ‘S,’ so we combined the two alphabets and decided to do it as MS café. Also, we both are middle school students, so we thought it would be a good logo design.

The Burning Icebergs’ storyboard

This picture above shows our storyboard for the ‘Save the Penguin’ unit. Sophie, Jiyuan, Kevin, and I were in a group. I am proud of our effort that we put into this storyboard, and the overall looking. Even though at the end, we were in a rush, so we kind of messed up writing neatly, I think we still did quite well as a group to create this storyboard. We all participated in creating this storyboard. If I was able to do one thing different, I would like to rewrite the Day 8~10, since is looks very messy, and unorganised. The hardest thing about this project was coming up with a group name. Our group had a lot of argument while coming up with a group name since we didn’t like each others idea.

I Am From…

This is a poem about my familiar surroundings. I created this video using Storybird for the story and the background, GarageBand for the voice recording, and iMovie to put in everything together. I was suppose to have a music, and I did. However I couldn’t download the music, so I wasn’t able to put the music in my video.

Deserted Island Dirty Water Challenge


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