One day reflection

  1. What I did well was hanging with friends to take some photos under the teachers’ supervision.
  2. I learned how we use the sun light to get some great photos.
  3. The challenge that faced me was the phone’s battery, and I overcame it by borrow Mrs. Cheng’s charger.
  4. I think One day is important because one day gives us to try lots of things that I haven’t done.

One day Photography Adventure

  1. Why did I choose this one day activity?  I choose this one day activity because taking photo is one of my hobby, and I like to watch some beautiful landscapes.
  2.  What do you hope to learn?  I want to learn how i can take some better pics.



大家好!我叫Haon我是韩国人。 我的全名是Haon Kim 出生在200077我家有四口人。我的妈妈是中学老师,和我的爸爸是上班族身高是167我是说唱歌手开始说唱了。然后,我在2018年的韩国说唱比赛了。所以我在韩国很有名!很多人知道我的好。我的好是冥想。因冥想我很多感。所以冥想我很重要。除了冥想我也喜欢读书。因为读书感。书太好了我最喜欢的书是KimSunYoung写的”一个卖时间的商店”。 这本书太好了。我大多写一首关于我的生活的歌. 。 但我有名的vroom vroom这个是关于我的改变了生活很多韩国人喜欢这个我真的想去中国说唱,因为中国是很大的国家,很多人在中国!

Early and Modern Human Communities

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My Early and Modern Human communities thinglink is about how much the early human have been changing to modern human.

  1. 韩国。 

韩国有很多高楼。 夜景最好的。 我真的建议你去韩国一下儿!夏天的时候最好的季节。韩国人做很多冷的设施. 韩国的夏天你可以去水上乐园。在夏天,韩国的天气常常是晴天,但是有时候下雨。夏天从6月到9月,温度从25度到35度。  


  1. 西班牙 

西班牙很漂亮。 什么时候我去西班牙, 我诧异。很漂亮。夏天的时候西班牙很热,所以我建议你去西班牙在秋天。在秋天,西班牙不冷不热,常常是晴天。西班牙的秋天从10月到11月。太短了。 温度从15度到21度。  



我去过法国,巴黎很漂亮。也很多高楼. 想艾菲尔铁塔. 我喜欢。 夏天不冷也不热。我建议你去巴黎在夏天. 因为在夏天,巴黎的夏天是从6月到9月。在夏天的天气常常晴天,温度从20度到28度。 

I am from poem

This poem is about my life.

Creating the Water Cleaner

This is a water filtering challenge made out of wood.

(cardboard), fabric, sand and rock. It can filter out all the germs and make clean water.

This is a challenge in design class. We were stranded on a deserted island with no fresh water so we have to use resources you could find on a deserted island to make a water filter.

Thank you for listening my introduction.

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