My ‘Early Humans and Us(diet)’ project.

This is my Early Humans and Us(diet) project.

Oh! I have to buy this! (White Cup Insulator)

This white cup insulator is made to keep the thermal energy of the hot water in the cup. The hardest thing about this project was when my insulator didn’t move and didn’t bend like others.  The thing that I would like to change is to don’t use cardboard for my material. I was proud when my magnet stuck perfectly.


Cranky Contraption

My biggest success was making my automata to work and move my flag.

My biggest obstacle was that my automata’s bottom wasn’t flat and because of that, my automata didn’t stand very well.

Skills that I learned or developed were cutting woods.

One Moment from the Trip

By: June Park


When my trip was ended and walking back to ride a bus. We were in a straight line. I planned to seat on the back of the bus and I was the first person in that line, lucky me.

A few minutes later, Jackie who was JUMP member saw a plastic bottle lying on the ground and picked it up. “Where did these trashes came from?” I asked, “I saw a sign that says to do not through trashes.”

“I think the drivers through the trashes while they’re driving. Also, I don’t want animals to eat these trashes,” answered Jackie. I felt angry to me. I usually didn’t care about a problem that Earth was having with plastic. After this moment, I decided to make less use of the plastic.

I Am From by June Park

This video is about my family in the past. The pictures are from StoryBird. Enjoy^_^


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