"Never change who you are so that other people will like you. Just be yourself and the right people will love you just for being you" -Unknown

Day One for the Mesopotamia Simulation

In humanities, we did a simulation of the ancient Mesopotamia. We were split into groups and sent to a table. The “winner” (the first group) to open the top-secret invention and make it wins. During the simulation, my job was to write laws and some didn’t come to my mind so my teammates helped me, I also did the trading with Olivia and we got what we need to get the top-secret invention then we went outside to look at the paper and me, Olivia, and Jason made the invention while Christian did the temple. As a group, we divided our jobs by two people in one job, me and Olivia did the writing the laws and Christian and Jason worked on the language writing. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was when we worked in different jobs and we finished quicker than the other groups then we started trading with others so can get all the tools that say to get before opening the top secret thing. Our weakest point as a civilization was when we have an idea and it turns out to be a bad idea in the end, but it turns funny. If I could do this activity again, I would change first to tell your teammates and then do it then you know if it is a good idea or not.

The L.A.W Tumble! (Land, Air, Water)

           (This Picture is kinda blurry.)


I did well in my tumble because I didn’t over tumble and go SPLAT!

My challenge was when I thought I am going to hurt my neck and my back but when I tried it wasn’t that bad!

I learned how land standing up so I don’t spalt my face or hurt myself.

I first tried to do a little one on the pit and did it on the trampoline and made it! Also, I had an amazing experience doing it!

Indus River Valley “The Drainage System!” By: Christian, Katie, and Sayi😁

This is the final piece of our video! I am so happy that I finished! But I feel like I had too much sugar sometimes… (LOL) But I was proud of myself that I really got the video really good even if I am working with 2 boys…

Anywho… This video is about Early Civilization and our Civilization was the Indus river valley and researched about the drainage system. Hope you enjoy!

Technology By: Katie.Choi 6-4

In humanities class, we learned about early humans. Then when we got some research one a know the basic type of early humans we spilled into 3 groups I was in Mr.Hilton’s class researching about technology I researched about Nowadays and the past days and made an infographic, paragraph, and some pictures with information. And here is my finished product.

Save the Penguins! & The Cup Insulator! (Thermal Energy)

Our Name: Super Penguin Savers!


Our Design                                                                   Our Poster (Both for Save the Penguins! & The Cup Insulator)

We used 3x Foil, 2x Mylar, 2x Baking Cup, and 2x Bubble wrap and we lost 0.08g only!

I think our teamwork was really good!


My Design

-I am really proud of that even if I don’t get along with the partner or group, but when we worked together and shared our idea’s then when we tested our  “save the penguin” we actually we only lost 0.08g only because of  with all that layers it !is preventing heat loss

-The hardest thing about this project is that when we have the right plan, but when you make it it isn’t what you wanted to be and sometimes we fail and when we try to do it I can’t do everything that I have in my head cause it is really hard to do whatever I imagine it will be.

-The skills I learned in this project is how to make thermal energy of the starting point stay and how to make heat or freezing inside.




My Cranky Contraption! Made in Design!

My biggest success was when I made the crank spin the right way because it always keeps spinning in a 360* circle.

One thing I’d like to change is to make the sun a little smaller because it is always crashing the little figures.

My biggest obstacle was trying to think how to make my cranky contraption better and more interesting.


-Maybe putting so enemies on it so it looks more interesting.

-Making the sonic jump to attack

-Putting a photo of a person playing on the body of the contraption

🥁Loud Larry Loves To Play The Drums! 🥁

Larry gave us an opportunity to hear him play today during Development Band. Have a listen!

Why I Love Lemons💛

How I am feeling about Middle School at this time. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!




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