Reflection of the civilisation simulation

During the activity, I am helping my group by trading the things we don’t need to things that we need. As a group, we divided the work by what we want to do. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilisation was we nearly finish our invention and laws. Our weakest point as a civilisation was that we did not finish a lot of our architecture. If I could do this activity again, I would change by nothing, because I think this way worked peaty well


The Pyramid of Giza

This is a project we made in humanities about the pyramid of Giza

Is living beside a river a good chose for Early humans?

I think it is better to live near river. One of the reasons are that people need water for almost everything, such as drink, cook, wash, water plants, and cool down in summer so people don’t get heatstroke. Also, there are a lot of fish in the river. Caching fish are a lot easier than hunting large animals. And fish contain a lot of protein which is good for our body. Also rivers contribute to agricultural development, crops and animals grow better beside the water. From all of the above points we see, It is very clear that it is better to live beside water.

Early Humans and Us (Diet)

Island Filter

What is engineering?

Engineering is a scientific way of solving problems.

What was challenging?

Creating this was easy, but actually making it work was pretty challenging.

Why did you choose that design and how does it work?

I choose this design because it was easy, and I have saw it work well before. And it turn out work very well.

Hello world!

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