At Night


“We’re going to go and see fireflies!” says the tour guide, as we walked outside after dinner. I was extremely excited! I have never seen a firefly in my life!  

We saw a firefly almost as soon as we got to the place! It looked like a green light flying in the sky. I was amazed at how it looked so much like a flashlight! It looks almost like it’s not a living thing but a flashlight instead! 

After we saw the firefly, we did some activities in the dark, then we went to look for stars. We saw a lot of stars, it was like back in Vancouver again! “Only if it was Vancouver”, I thought. 

Suddenly, the tour guide exclaimed, “I saw Mars!” we were all pretty excited so we all looked at where she was pointing. Mars was a tiny red light slightly left and below of the moon. It kept disappearing into the clouds so it was a little hard to see it. 

Our tour guide told us to lie down and look at the stars. She said that if we lie down, we’ll see the stars like a dome above. Mumu didn’t dare lie down because she thinks she will get her clothes dirty. I tried to tell her it was ok ,but she still didn’t want to. 

When we walked back to our hotel, we were told to go to our rooms and get ready to sleep. I was glad because I was cold and tired. Mumu and I share room and she was always scaring me by saying she heard footsteps and people talking. I was scared already without her telling me. I just pretended to not be scared and told her to just get ready to sleep and that maybe she heard wrong. 

It was extremely hard to fall asleep because Mumu kept saying she heard voices even after we got on the bed. I tried to ignore her. I closed my eyes and told her to stop talking and just SLEEP!!!! She obyed.      

We had a long night. It was hard to sleep because there was blood on my pillow and also Mumu kept scaring me by saying nonsense and once I thought I heard her laughing!! Her laughter was really creepy, for once I actually thought she had gone mad!!! 

It was light outside again. I was lying in my bed, and Mumu was asleep. “phew”, I thought, she finally stopped laughing. 

I laid in my bed for a while, then I got up and went to check the time on my phone. It was 6:03Am. I surprised myself by saying, “Mumu, Mumu get up. It’s six Am already!”  

She looked up at me and asked sleepily, “What’s up?? Can I just sleep for a little longer??” 

I just let her sleep, I was thinking about last night because I finally saw a firefly!! I was really, really happy!! 


The End 


I am from

This is my I am from poem.

© 2018 Linda

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