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When I started to make my Fruit bowl, I added some clear and some colorful plastic chips to my mold. I put it in the oven and waited for about an hour. But when we put the lid on the mold, we realized that I had too less plastic inside it. And the fact that it burned. So, I moved onto another Idea. A clock. Because the other side that did not burn was fairly pretty, I wanted to save it by making it into a clock. I tried sanding the edges off, but it took


too long and I was running out of time. I took the small saw and started to saw away. It was working! I was so glad. I sanded some of the burned parts off and I drilled a hole in the middle of the plastic and then I almost had a heart attack. the plastic was too thick for the clock base to make it through. I had no idea how to fix the plastic plate with a hole in the middle. but because I had used some clear plastic to make it, some parts of it was clear and foggy at the same time. that reminded me of hot glue. the plastic looked just like it! I put some plastic chips and put hot glue inside and it was perfect! I could use it for a small plate. I was happy with my result although it wasn’t  what I wanted it to be the first time.


OneDay! -Precious Plastics

Precious Plastics is a campaign that turns plastic waste into useful household items. In my one day project, I wanted to make a fruit bowl and a keychain out of recycled plastic. I got the idea by researching on google and talking to my friends. the Fab Lab already has a mold for the bowl, but I would have to use a laser cutter for the keychain. I wanted to make a bowl because my mom cared a lot about nature, but she had no way of helping. So I decided to show my mom that this was another way to recycle.

Suzanne Collins的爱好

Suzanne Collins的爱好

Early Humans And Us – Technology – Thinglink

  This is my Thinglink about tools Early and Modern humans used to collect and harvest food. Click on the dots to Find more out!

Heat Keep is going to keep your drink heated! By Anya Pan, Lisa Seo, and Lydia Kim

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the the revolutionary technology of…


HEATKeep Insulators, TM is the new, state of the art heat insulator which is specially designed for your mug. This extraordinary one-piece wrapping is brought to you by ANPA Technology,  Lydkim Corporations, and Lisa & Company, Heat Keep can change your life! With high insulation skills and a non melting lid, you can keep your drink hot anytime!

This Insulator worked very well for us. It dropped only 7 degrees celsius! We believe this Prototype worked because of the insulation skills we used. One skill we used was to use black felt. Black felt worked well with our prototype because the colour black absorbs thermal energy, and felt keeps the heat inside things.

We are proud of our insulator because from the data, we can know that our prototype kept the heat inside pretty well. What we did differently was to sandwich the cotton with the black felt. It helped well with the insulation. The quality on the product is very high. With the temperature only dropping by 7 degrees (C), You can keep your drink hot for long.
















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