"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard "-Kevin Durant

my simulation


During the activity, I personally like the activity because it helped us to learn what the early humans did in the early times and what they do for trading. As a group, we divided the work load up by rules language and trades we didn’t make our architecture. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was we got to the last part of the challenge, but another civilization got to finish first. Our weakest point as a civilization was building our architecture because we didn’t finish and we did not get the job look good. If I could do this activity again, I would change not going to trade a eraser when it was in my class I thought it would be a trading material but I din’t listen to my team and it made them slower and we lost.






My bathroom of the indus river valley video




This my Video hope you enjoy⤵The link



Whish you guys enjoy!

Why I choose Hutong adventure


 76 tx choose Hutong adventure because it is tasty it is not in school and You go to make your fav food. You also get to go out of the campus and have fun not staying in school. We are going to make some noodle salad and colie flower. We are also going to a tea ceremony and we get to design it!



What did you do well

What did you learn

what challenges did you face, how did you overcome

what is your important


Is living to the water good or bad in the early ages?

People say that in the early days living near lake can be good and bad, because they all have their opinion. But seriously do you want to have disease, fight because everybody comes to your village and attacking you because you live right near the river have your crop taking too much water and die, and last but not least climb up the hill and try to kill the animals when you already have not that much energy and then see another tribe. There will be no food, even if you do you could only have fish because that time you are lazy and if you do that fishes have diseases.  If food has diseases than if you are close to the water, you might get effected. If your closer than the crop will also get effected and it will get diseases. 

Early Human and Us

In Humanities we have been learning about Early Humans! I’m in the Communities group and it has gone quite well! so I hope you enjoy my thinglink! It has a paragraph of modern day human and early human. It also has 2 modern human infographic and 2 early human infographics!  At last, there is one more time line that shows what happened to the early human and the modern humans.

press here to go to my thinglink and I hope you enjoy⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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Cup Insulator!!!!!!!!!

This is our Cup INSULATOR WE SPENT A LONG TIME TO DO THIS AND WE GOT A PRETTY GOOD SCORE IT IS A BIT FANCY! It could be sturdier, and it doesn’t need to look that fancy. Our aluminum foil is a conductor because it is made out of metal. We used  felt aluminum foil and foil, Foils is a conductor.  We are proud of the heat is lost with only 6 degreeeeeeeeeee!


Larry beat 666


The Ultimate Purifier

op pirifier bey Jouis and Jiyuan

The Excitement of Blogging

Blogging is easy like shooting a three pointer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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