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Day One Simulation Reflection- Ancient Mesopotamia

Day one simulation Reflection- Ancient Mesopotamia 

During the activity I personally did a lot of the trading and helped with the written language. 

As a group we loaded the work up by trading and laws. Our biggest accomplishment would probably be trading except at the end. 

Our weakest point is how we did not realize that there were directions, so we wasted a lot of time being confused. And at the end of trading we did not have any tape, I think other teams were possibly trading our materials so that we could not trade. 

If we could do this activity again, I would defiantly try and notice the supplies that we use to trade and try not to trade people multiple times to risk having them trade your materials. 

Its Better to Live Near the River


These are my reasonings why I would live closer to the river if i had the choice.


Why it was better living closer to the river. 

When close to the water, the energy spent on fetching the water is saved. We can’t really help to have water because we need it to survive, so it’s only natural that we live near the water so that there is less risk of dehydration.  

More than thousands of years ago, there were farmers, and of course they needed water. They used water for animals, (pigs, cows, etc.) (breeding, eating, etc.) and of course the needed it for food. Because they had water, they have a river to get water from to make pots and other supplies. The wet soil is better for crops and for clay, the clay does pots and building. They were also able to discover/transport to other cities faster. 

And even though there are negative facts about living near the water, the early humans could still go through the same things when living far away.  

Water is important, we still need it to this day, the risks we take living near rivers will possibly still happen when living far, and water is essential to survive, we don’t just drink water, we need it to do more, like building a shelter, feeding the animals, watering the crops, till this day we still need water, it’s just not as obvious.  

Indus River

Early Humans and Us

Where the Memories Go

This is my poem, Where the Memories Go, we had to write about where we where from, enjoy the memories.

Clean Water

What if you got stranded on an island?

This is a water purifier made by Yuki and I.

The Feelings…

Nervous Picture

Neutral  Picture                                                                                    



I am exited to start blogging but i'm nervous to do something wrong... I am also very neutral about this.

Excited Picture                                                                                

I am very excited  but nervous to do something wrong… I’m also neutral about blogging.





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