"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way!"

What-SO What- NOW What?

What-SO What?

We are facing the issue of pollution and as population grows, this problem will get more critical if not take care of properly.  When I was researching, I saw  on a number of websites that the waste produced by the world was increasing year by year. Also, in the video “Human Population through time” I saw that the human population was increasing rapidly. In the video “Population growth and climate change” by Hans Rossling, I found out that as the population increased the climate changed. This was because of pollution. So, I chose pollution and climate change as a problem for my story. I think that as the population grows and climate change gets worse, pollution will become more critical because of reasons like global warming etc.

NOW What?

To have a part in not polluting the world, I walk Most of the time when I need to go somewhere and use public transport for far distances almost all the time. I rarely use private transport. Also, I try to produce less plastic waste, like I don’t buy vegetables wrapped in plastic and I don’t use poly-bags. For, my story, I plan on making my world such that it has come to the condition that there are three major powers in the world and that diseases have evolved due to pollution and that my character suffers from it.

The 4 F’s to the Future (Foragers to the future)

This was my very first sketch when I was just thinking about what I will do for my Foragers to the Future project

My initial sketch was 4 tables arranged in a graph that represented the population growth over time. I decided to colour code the tables so that all the parts stood out.

My peer partner told me that the colour coding part of my project was good and that it would help me be more organised but that the graph part of my project was actually quite messy. Also, she made me realise that I was using the wrong software for this.

So, using this feed back, I made quite big changes.I decided that I would use Windows power point presentation and make a tabel in there for this project. I would colour code it too. This would make my project organised. Her is the screen recorded video of my Foragers to the Future Humanities project.

If you want a summary of my project, you will find it here, in this picture.

Do see my project and I hope it gives a clear vision of my view of the 4 F’s to the future!

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

In the most recent trip to the Wenyu River (on 25th of October 2018) we visited two trees and a place that we call the glass patch. We noticed that there was a difference in the number of items my group noticed last time to what we noticed now. My group had noticed that there were around 139 mushrooms on the Tree 1 but there were 95 mushrooms now and that there were 6 human impacts around or on tree 2 and now, there were 19 pieces of trash and possible human impacts there. My group had counted around 269 glass pieces in the glass patch and now there were a 185 glass pieces there.

There were 95 such mushrooms on the tree and here are just a few.

The Tree 2 or The BIG TREE’s trunk’s colour was dark brown but went in the greyish hue. The leaves were green in the shade evergreen.

This was how the leaves looked from a closer view.


So, we noticed the observations my group had made last time were more than the observations we made this time. So, I came to the hypothesis for next time is that the observations we will make next will be more than what we have made now and the human impact around the tree 2 will also decrease. Also, I think that tree 1 will have little or no mushrooms the next time.

This was the glass patch with a 185 glass pieces (the green ones)

I think that my group and me were a little less organised and next time, we will make sure that we are ready with the map, procedure, data table and everything else we need on hand.

Stories of the Future: Day Zero

The present already has several problems and in the future say, by 2050, they will be  even bigger, very urgent problems. Some of the problems can be-

  1.  Loss of natural resources.  Non renewable resources like fuel can get drained off by the year 2050. It may seem far away but the clock is ticking!
  2. Increase in population and thus loss of forests which leads to global warming. If population increases, forests will be removed to meet with the housing demands of people. This will lead to increase in amount of greenhouse gases and thus, global warming.
  3. Unemployment and loss of jobs. Machinery can take over jobs of people.

I wonder what the future will be like. A few wonders I have are-

  1. Will the world will be better or worse?
  2. Artificial intelligence can help, but are there chances of it advancing so much that it takes over humans and becomes a threat?

I have a mixed view of the future. I do think there will be good things happening but I have a more pessimistic view of the future and I fear that a lot of threatening things might happen merely because of the greed and selfishness man is showing right now. I think, the world be in a kind of a situation by 2050. So, I will say I think I have a pessimistic view of the future.

Looking back on today, I think the topics of food, water and communities connect because they all join up and describe one big problem that as the population increases, the resources will decrease and we will face a big threat of loss of life.

At the beginning of the day I was pessimistic and till now, my thoughts have not changed. The only reason for this is that we will be facing problems  like lack of space for harvesting food to feed the entire population and lack of clean water, fuels etc. Therefore, I have a pessimistic view of the future. I do think that these problems can be solved but looking at the way humans are seeming selfish and are wasting everything right now, I don’t think we will be able to reach any affective solutions till 2050.

The headline which sums my entire day today is-


because I think that even though we may be facing these problems in the present, humans are not taking QUICK steps and soon, these problems will worsen and give birth to even bigger problems. I am not trying to sound too dramatic but maybe this can even even lead to the end of humanity!

Reflect and Exhibit


Me and most of my group working

We ended up cutting one of the interviews off and and interviewing only the teacher. To showcase the student’s views, we ended up talking and having a conversation together. so, we technically made a lot of last minute edits and 20 minute before the exhibition, the podcast wasn’t even uploaded.  But when we actually left it for the world to listen too, we were feeling really cool and thought that our podcast was the one with the most troubles but also the best.

We loved the way everything turned out!

I would not say everything went super smooth. Well, yeah. It was kind of rough but the result was really fruitful. All the hard work put into it was totally worth it.  I think our podcast is a mix of funny and serious and can be a middle schooler’s thoughts in words.  Also, the interview can be inspirational for some, it was for us!

So, I would like to give a note to the world- Create a buzz sprout account and please watch our podcast “Middle School Interview” By Lydia Redman (She was our group member and had uploaded the post from her account. Leave a comment and I hope you like it! Also, middle schoolers, I hope you find it relatable ’cause we know your story!

Here is the link to our podcast. Hope you enjoy it!-

Make It: Create and Improve

Me and my group wanted our podcast to be interesting and for that we needed to know what others think about it. So we created a mini podcast about otters and made others give feedback on it. We received both good and bad feedback. Then, we implemented these feedbacks in our final product. One of the feedbacks said that we had lots of voice modulations and it was frustrating. So, we talked in a steady voice in our final product.

The maps we created were really helpful as they created an outline of our podcast.

This model was the most important as it framed what we were going to talk about.

One of the biggest challenges was when my group member wanted to change the topic because this one was very broad. It was hard to convince all my group members to stay on this topic.

So, all in few words, I got feedback from my peers who were making podcasts too and implemented it on my final work. We faced our challenges and actually made our podcast evolve from a raw topic which was too broad to be talked about in up to 20 minutes to rough pieces of our podcast to a completely final presentation. I would say our podcast did face ups and downs but in a nutshell, it was fun to make it.

This was the plan I made for the interview.

Make It: Develop and Plan

After having our basic topic figured out, me and my group decided that this topic that is “Middle School Life” would be the giant umbrella of our podcast. Then, we would be talking about a sub-topic. After having a large discussion and almost switching topics we stopped on rule- breaking. So, we decided that two of us would interview a teacher to conclude on what does a teacher think about a middle-schooler’s life and we also figured out that one of us would be interviewed to bring the essence of what a middle schooler thinks his/ her life is like.

In our sub-topic, we plan on asking questions like “Describe your middle school life in word.” to both the sides (teacher and student) and then compare what does a middle school student thinks about his life and what does his teacher think about his life.

After a large debate, we decided that we are going to interview a teacher and one of our group members. (Their names are a secret so I won’t disclose them right now.). We created a basic script and we will follow this base to create the podcast. It has bullet points about who will say what. We are not planning to go word to word on the script because that will sound uninteresting and fake. It will just be an outline and we will colour in it in our final draft.


This is our second sketch after we decided what we will be talking about:-


People want to be entertained in every moment of their life. Even though that is not quite fully possible, digital entertainment modes make it quite partly possible (and thinkable). One such famous mode is ‘podcast’. Podcast is a digital audio file in which one or more people converse and/or are been interviewed by and/or with another person(s). Podcasts are usually listened to because they are audio but some podcasts are available which are in video form and can be seen also. 


Here at ISB during the Ignite week, we in “What’s your story” make podcasts on several topics. In these topics we talk and converse about things that are related to the topic we chose and then we interview a ‘special guest’. The topics can vary from vacation to the giant umbrella of a Middle Schooler’s life.  

I had heard podcasts in which two or more people converse and share their experiences of a common thing they have done. I had also seen a few videos and read many books about things which the audience and readers could find relatable and hence interesting. So, I came to conclusion that I should work on the topic “Middle Schooler’s Life”. And my group agreed with me too. A large number of our audience would (hopefully) find this relatable and interesting and our “special guest(s)” would (expectantly) bring twists into the story! 

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