“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein

Day One Simulation Reflection


During the activity, I personally worked on writing our laws, after I finished, I helped to build the invention. As a group, we divided the work load up by how/what we want to work up and who we want to work with. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was to finish all tasks and start to build the secret invention, also we collaborated with each other. Our weakest point as a civilization was too we all worked on one small task at the same time, so we ended up with not enough time to work on the last task. If I could do this activity again, I would change my speed when working, so that we can have more time to build the invention. Because of what we did the simulation went







OneDay for JianBing

I decide to do JianBing for my OneDay because I’m a fan of traditional food.  My plan is to make a recipe/step telling document to teach and tell people how to make JianBing. After filming making Jianbing step by step, I will post or print  the document as the final project to present! My inspiration was all the cool recipe books about the traditional foods. One thing  I did well was I cracked the eggs on my Jianbing and flip it over. I learned how to smooth the Jianbing and I learned how to wrap it together. One thing I faced is that I can not control the amount of flour liquid that I should use, but after practicing for a while, I found some tips that can help me. I think OneDay is important because students get to learn about something they like, and to work on a project that they are interested.

Jian bing by Marrisa

Early Human and Us This is my Humanities project about Early humans and us!

Thermal Energy

The hardest thing about this project is to combine materials together, find out witch material can be used in our project. I think our cup design fits perfectly on the cup, all the materials made a big help to our design. 6 lares of cotton and felt can keep the temperature stay warm, color and out look is plain but it is useful. Thermal energy transfer, is the main idea we are learning.  I learned a skill about adding materials together, put materials that can keep cool together, as well add materials that can hold heat together, it will work better on our prototype.



Sweet And Sour

Middle school life is like an cup of lemonade, it might be sour at the beginning but it will turn sweet!

Hello world!

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