Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Theme is that Harry comes to Hogwarts again to learn magics. It was his 3rd year at Hogwarts and Fudge, the ministry of magic was worried about him because there was the bad guy called Sirius Black and Fudge thought he wanted to kill Harry and sended some strange creature called Dementours. But there was some Accident with Dementours and Dumbledoor wanted to get rid of it. One day, Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione went to see Hippogriff  execution. And Ron was pulled by black dog. Harry and Hermione followed them and they realized that they are in the shriekie Shack, the horrestic building in Hogsemede. Sirius Black was in and their defence against dark art teacher, Lupin was there and they changed Ron’s rat, Sccabers to Peter Pewtigwell. Harry learns it was Peter who was secret keeper and told Voldemort where Harry’s mother and father lived. Lupin and Sirius was about to kill Peter but Harry refused. When they exited Shrikie Shack and came out from Hogwart’s yard, it was full moon and Lupin turned to Werewolf. When Sirius was fighting, Peter turned to mouse and escaped. When Werewolf dived in forest and went away, thousands of Dementours surounded Hermione, Harry and Black.Then Some white strong Patronus went on and Dementours run away and Harry fainted. Harry woke up in Hospital wing. He saw Ron sleeping. Hermione was already awake and Harry heard that Fudge was going to let Black get Dementour’s kiss at Professor Filtwick’s office and Harry argued but didn’t work. Dumbledoor came in and talk to Harry and Hermione to use time turner. They came out in 3 hour ago, which was time when they visited Hagrid. They realized that Hippogriff wasn’t executed yet. So, they untied rope and freed him.  Then, Ron was Pulled to Shrikie Shack and they waited. It was night time when past Harry, Hermione and Ron came out. Then Lupin turned to werewolf. Black changed to Black Dog and fighted. Then, Peter pettigrew turned to mouse and they missed him. Harry realized that Lupin was going to dive to forest. So he hurried to edge of the lake with Hermione. They saw that Black turned back to human and past Harry and Hermione was surrounded by huge numbers of Dememtours. Then, Harry remembered his father and looked for him. He didn’t find anyone and he did Patronus instead. It was very light that all the Dememtours went away. Then, Past Harry fainted. Hermione said that it was super strong Patronus. Black was carried to Professor Filtwick’s office and Harry carefully rode Hippogriff to not to be seen. They reached for Professor Filtwick’s office and carryed black to ground. Harry and Hermione got off andsaid see you to Black. Black left with Hippogriff. They had only few minutes until Dumbledoor locks the door of hospital wing so they hurried. They reached just in time. The end of the year was coming. When Harry, Ron and Hermione was in Hogwarts express, They realized small owl in window. They opened window and opened the letter. It was From Black. It said that he was the one who gave Harry The Firebolt. And he’ll give the owl to ron because it was his fault that Ron lost Scabbers. He gave Harry a Permisson to go to Hogsmede. I think Peter is very strange because he was friend with Black and James Potter but he exploded and made Black’s folt and told where James and Lily lived to Voldemort. This has connection to other Harry Potter books because Adventure still continues.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

In this book there is a character called Xan. She picks baby that elder in town left for bad witches to save town. But, Xan was good witch and share with Swamp monster, Glerk and tiny dragon, Fyrian. In this story there is three parts. one part, family in elders’ town. Second part, it’s about Xan and girl, Luna who drank moon light. Third ones about elder. I hope these 1st, 2nd and 3rd story will connect in end.


We did many math things like cups, fraction and degrees. I learned tea spoon is bigger than table spoon. It was hard to figure out which of these are we using. When we are cooking we learned we had to be careful about measurements. I learned how to bake banana bread.

Tales of The Fourth grade Nothing

In this book, there was character named Farley Drexel Hatcher or Fudge for short in this book. He moved along by making  a lot of terrible troubles in many places with shoe store, hamburger shop, YOU NAME IT!!! I think the most important chapter in this book is chapter 10, the last chapter because, Fudge ate dribble, the Peter’s Turtle and Dad gave Peter a dog and peter named that dog “turtle” and it’s connecting to other book like “Super Fudge”. I think I will write  Peter’s life with Turtle in chapter 11.

The witches

This book is also written by Roald Dahl——– my favorite author. Though is written by him, it’s not comedy. It’s horror. In this story there is a guy called “Boy”. This boy is a one who spied grand high witch and become mouse. I think he is brave because, after he became mouse, he went to the grand high witch’s room and got potion called “mouse maker” and that’s the liquid that what witches made him drink when he was spying. I think this has connection to another fairytale books because, there is witches that do bad things.

Charlie and chocolate factory

My character is Charlie Bucket. Charlie lived in an old shabby small house and his family was poor. But he really loved chocolate and he can own one in his birthday because his family save money until its special day.  Charlie’s mother was mrs.Bucket, father, mr.Bucket and four Charlie’s grandparents grandma Josephine, grandpa Joe, grandma Georgina and Grandpa George. This book is about Charlie gets golden ticket and go to wonka’s chocolate factory. In his town self, there was largest chocolate factory in the world! He really loved that smell that when he go to school or home he walk so slowly near the gate because, the smell was so great with melting chocolate from factory that he watered his mouth.  This book’s connection is that this is connecting to the book called “Charlie and great glass elevator”

The Twits

This book is written by Roald Dahl and I love those Roald Dahl Books. I read A book called “The Twits” this time and I thought this is the most interesting book I’ve ever read. There is 4 characters in this book and I’m going to introduce those dirty 2 peoples, Mr.Twit and Mrs.Twit. Mr.Twit had very big hairy-faced man and whole head was hair expect for forehead. Many hairy-faced man wash those hair but he did never. But Mrs.Twit was worse. She had a Super ugly face. When she was young it was better but, when human think ugly thought it will appear on it’s face so she thought those thought forever so she had ugly face. This book is field with joke. there are 4 monkeys at the garden’s cage because, Mr. and Mrs.Twit want to make first upside down monkey circus. But they didn’t like it because they had to do it for 6hours everyday and they are animals so their blood is going to their head. Connection is this book has sentence like “What on earth” and it was in Charlie and chocolate factory.

Pedro’s Journal

This post is about a book called Pedro’s Journal. This whole book is about first voyage that Pedro and Cristopher Columbus went. Pedro was ship boy and he was on Santa Maria. The most big issue that Pedro made was on going back from land. Pedro had sank Manta Maria! It was just accident. Everyone was drunk because of Christmas dinner and every one was asleep. Only Pedro was wake because he can’t drink. When he was sailing boat crashed on coil leaf.  Most special events for Columbus was discovering land. They thought it is Asia but it  was America.