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Day One Simulation reflection- Ancient Mesopotamia

Today in humanities we our class did a simulation about ancient Mesopotamia. We were split into five different groups and we had to create different laws, temples, and create a written language. We also had to use different materials to build a secret invention.

During the Simulation my main role in my group was to trade with other groups. I did help with writing the laws and making the written language, but I mostly traded for the materials that my group needed.

Our group was split up, so each person was working on separate things, for example Emily was building the temple, Wan Hin and Shun Fei worked on the laws, and I was trading.

Something that our group did well was working fast and efficiently. At the end we were just waiting for a group to trade tape with us, so we could finish.  But we ended up running out of time. Also, when we were trading we always made sure we had extra materials, so we can keep on trading over and over again.

In my opinion there was really no weak point in our group. It’s just that we couldn’t finish because we could not get tape.

If we were to do this simulation again I would want to go a location with more materials. But I can’t really control that because you can’t control which table you are at.



One Day Reflection 2019

This year for one day my group and I decided to make a stop motion movie using lego and fruits. We decided to make a story where a group of three lego people are walking in a jungle. They end up getting caught by an apple, a lemon, a piece of candy, and a clay sculpture. They end up getting saved by a super hero from the marvel series. The idea of the story was original but my group and I watched some different examples of lego stop motion on youtube.

Something that my group did well was our time management. When we finished filming we still had a lot of time to edit. Which let us add dialogue and sound effects. Something that I learned while I was making my stop motion movie was how important it was to stable to camera. Because our group did not really have a stable camera so we have a movie that shakes a lot. A challenge that we faced was making some figurines standup. We ended up using string for when someone was flying or when we where trying to make something that was not lego stand up. I think One Day is important because it is one whole day to work on project about something that you like, or it gives you chances to try something new.

Here are some pictures of filming:


Here is the final video:

Use of Silk (Ancient China)

In humanities class I got assigned to learn about ancient China. My group and I decided to focus on how the ancient Chinese discovered silk. We ended up deciding on making a short skit where there are two students who are learning about how the ancient Chinese discovered silk.

Early Human Communities

In class I work on a project about early human communities. Here is my final work put all together.

Penguin Project



Reflection is when light hits an object and bounces off. For example if you shine a light to mirror you can see the light bouncing off.  There is also absorption which is when the light does not get through an object. For example if you put a piece of wool against the window you can see the light shining at the wool but the light does not go through. The last thing is called transmit which is when the light goes through an object. If you put a piece of bubble wrap against the window you can see light passing through.

For this unit in science we made a house out of limited materials for an ice cube. The goal of the unit was to keep the ice cube cool.My group made house out of mylar and foil. Another thing we did this unit was make an insulator to prevent heat loss on a coffee cup. The insulator had to be able to be taken off easy and had to look nice.

•Something that I am proud of is me and my partner (Sayi)  that we made the insulator  easy to take on and off.

•A few things that i would like to change if I did the project again is to make the insulator look nicer.  And also to have the drinking place on the sides so it is easier to drink.

•One of the hardest things about the ice cube home project is that you had limited materials. You had to learn to use every single piece. It was best not to waste any materials that we cut up.


Soccer Cranky Contraption

This is a picture of a cranky contraption that I made in design class:

One skill that I learned is drilling. Before I didn’t really understand how the drill worked. Now I understand the drill a little bit better.

If I did this again I would have placed the person some where else because right now if you turn the crank the ball will fly right into the persons face. Another thing I could of done was to drill the ball into the wire instead of using a lot of hot glue.

My biggest obstacle was figuring out how to make the ball go up and down. I asked a classmate who helped me and then I finished everything else by myself.

I am From Sports and the Crowded Streets of China

This is  an I am from Poem that I made in Humanities. This Poem is about different things about my life.


My Filtering System

Excited and Happy

This image describes my feelings on middle school. I am happy to be in grade six and also excited.

Literary Essay 2

In my opinion winning is not always important. Of course everyone wants to win because it makes us feel good. But sometimes winning is not always important. Maybe other people need help, or if you make a mistake instead of getting mad you can learn from your mistake, or if you keep on winning you might want to give others a chance at winning. In the story the boat race Brett and Todd help a boy and learn that sometimes winning is not always important.

My first reason why winning is not always important is sometimes if you lose instead of being mad you should find out what went wrong and make sure it does not happen again. In the story it mentions how when Brett and Todd first entered the contest their boat sank. Then every year they kept on improving there boat’s design and finally made a boat that was fast and could float on water.

Another reason why winning is not always important is if other people need help you might want to help them. If you help the person you might also make a new friend and the spectators might like you more for helping others. Also you might encourage the person you helped to do the  race again.  For example after Brett and Todd saved a boy he seemed very nice and it looked like the boy wanted to be Brett and Todd friend.

My last reason why winning is not always important is if you keep on winning you can give others a chance at winning. Or you can challenge yourself with a harder race. My last example is Brett wanted to win even though he was going against children that were way younger then him. So that means that the younger children have less experience then Brett and Todd.

Even though Brett Todd were doing very well they still noticed that others needed help and encouraged someone else to do the race again next year.

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