"why fit in when you where born to stand out"- Dr. Seus

I am From Sports and the Crowded Streets of China

This is  an I am from Poem that I made in Humanities. This Poem is about different things about my life.


My Filtering System

Excited and Happy

This image describes my feelings on middle school. I am happy to be in grade six and also excited.

Literary Essay 2

In my opinion winning is not always important. Of course everyone wants to win because it makes us feel good. But sometimes winning is not always important. Maybe other people need help, or if you make a mistake instead of getting mad you can learn from your mistake, or if you keep on winning you might want to give others a chance at winning. In the story the boat race Brett and Todd help a boy and learn that sometimes winning is not always important.

My first reason why winning is not always important is sometimes if you lose instead of being mad you should find out what went wrong and make sure it does not happen again. In the story it mentions how when Brett and Todd first entered the contest their boat sank. Then every year they kept on improving there boat’s design and finally made a boat that was fast and could float on water.

Another reason why winning is not always important is if other people need help you might want to help them. If you help the person you might also make a new friend and the spectators might like you more for helping others. Also you might encourage the person you helped to do the  race again.  For example after Brett and Todd saved a boy he seemed very nice and it looked like the boy wanted to be Brett and Todd friend.

My last reason why winning is not always important is if you keep on winning you can give others a chance at winning. Or you can challenge yourself with a harder race. My last example is Brett wanted to win even though he was going against children that were way younger then him. So that means that the younger children have less experience then Brett and Todd.

Even though Brett Todd were doing very well they still noticed that others needed help and encouraged someone else to do the race again next year.

Year of the boar essay

I believe that people don’t want to be with others that are different from them. Some people maybe scared of the person or maybe they think someone is weird because they are from another country and do things different. In the book ” in the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson” by Bette Bao Lord the main character who moved from china to the United States is having troubles playing with others.

Sometimes moving to new a place is hard because you have to learn how to act like everybody else around you. While Shirley was used to living in China she greeted people people differently and spoke differently. This caused people to laugh at her and they didn’t want to go near her. So whenever Shirley went near to other people who were playing they would tell Shirley to go away and would not let Shirley play with them.

Another reason why people don’t won’t to be with others that are different is you might not know how to play the games that others play. Since you might not be  used to the games yo probably won’t be very good. And then people won’t want you on their team because you keep on making their team lose. Later in the story a few people start letting Shirley play with them. But Shirley was the last to get picked on a team. And also during the game the others would always throw the ball at Shirley and Shirley would drop the ball. Whenever Shirley dropped the ball her team would lose. Eventually her teammates asked her for the ball and told her to go home

My last reason others don’t want to be with others that are different is that they make small mistakes others will laugh. Then later they don’t want to be near the person because they think the person is weird. My final example is when Shirley see’s a girl who she thinks is Chinese. So during lunch time Shirley welcomed the girl to the school in Chinese. But it turns out the other girl didn’t speak Chinese and actually came from Tennessee. Then everyone in the cafeteria started laughing at Shirley.

Even though people were treating Shirley differently she worked hard to adapt to her new environment. She worked hard to improve her english so she could communicate easier. She also had a nice teacher who encouraged Shirley to get used to her new life. Overtime Shirley started to fit in more and more. In fact when a new student came Shirley volunteered to be the welcome buddy so the new student didn’t have to face what Shirley faced.

Literary Essay #1

I believe you can do whatever you want if you try your best.  Lupe showed that while she was having troubles when she was practicing marbles. But instead of giving up Lupe wanted to win a marble tournament. Even thought it would take a lot of hard work she would still decide to put in all of her effort and try to win.

First one of the examples of Lupe putting in her best effort in during the beginning of the story Lupe wanted to win a marbles tournament. When Lupe was practicing marbles she found out that her thumb was so weak the author said her thumb was as weak as a new born chick. Instead of giving up Lupe started doing different exercises to make her thumb stronger. This shows that Lupe wanted to win the tournament and she will put in her best effort.

Another reason why you can do anything if you put in your best effort is if you practice a lot then you will become better. For example in the story Lupe got her thumb to become stronger but it was still not strong enough. Lupe also had to practice her aim so after school and during her own free time. Squeezing an eraser, doing pushups, and practicing aim was Lupe schedule. Later Lupe got better and beat her brother and a neighbourhood champ. So if you really want to do something you should always practice because your  skills won’t magically come to you.

As you can see if you put in your best effort you can do anything you want. Lupe taught us that when she was having troubles she practiced a lot and then got better she finally better and at the end she finally won the tournament. So if you put in your best effort the work you do will always payoff.

Percy Jackson

Dr. Thorn and Percy starts to fight and then Percy’s friends come and help them. Next a bunch of arrows come from the woods. They come from a group called the hunters. Soon Dr. Thorn gets pushed and falls of a cliff he drags Annabeth along with him. Percy and his friends meet with the hunters and Bianca decides to join the hunt. That means she will have to leave Nico because the Hunters only allow girls. They meet with Artemis who is the person who leads the hunt.  Artemis sends her brother who is Apollo to pick up everyone and send them to Camp Half Blood. When they arrive at Camp Half Blood they play a game of capture the flag. It was the Campers vs the Hunters. Percy and Thalia are the team captains of the Campers and they give each camper a job. Percy’s was to guard the flag. But when the games starts Percy charges out and tries to steal the flag. Thalia was about to take the flag but Percy took the flag away has he is about to cross the boundary he gets knocked over and the hunters bring back the campers flag and win the games. Later Percy and Thalia get into a big argument.

Thalia is a daughter of zeus who carries a shield that is a replica of Athena’s shield. It has medusa’s head in the middle of the shield and it scares away people and monsters.  Thalia can come up with very good strategies but she is also bossy. She gets mad very easily but she is also very nice when she is not angry or shouting.

A connection is that in this book they play capture the flag. In PE class we sometimes also play capture the flag.

I think that the theme is still them trying to rescue people because they have to find Annabeth and rescue her.



Percy Jackson Titans Curse

Percy, Grover, Annabeth, and Thalia are going to a boarding school to save two demigods and bring them to Camp Half Blood. When they enter the school there is a party going on. Percy and his friends try to save the two demigods who’s names are Bianca and Nico. When Percy and his friends enter the gym which is the place where the party is held they see the two demigods. They try to get closer to the two demigods but they are gone. Percy then see’s Nico and Bianca being lead away by Mr. thorn who is the principle of the boarding school. Percy leaves his friends and go after Bianca and Nico. Percy finally see’s Bianca and Nico they are tied up.  Behind them is Mr. Thorn and Mr.Thorn turns into a monster and attacks Percy .

Percy is a son of  Poseidon. Usually when there is chance for Percy do to something he always takes his chance. For example when he saw Nico and Bianca being lead away he followed them without telling his friends.

Percy, Grover, and Annabeth are like Harry, Ron, and Hermonie. For example both groups are best friends and they always do dangerous stuff. And Annabeth and Hermonie are both the smart ones.

I think the theme right now is trying to save two demigods because so far the only thing going on right now is Percy and his friends trying to save Bianca and Nico.

The Lightning Thief

The next day the campers at camp half blood play a game of capture the flag. Percy is guarding the flag. The girl who tried to stuff Percy’s head down the toilet comes. Her name is Clarisse. She comes with her friends. They attack  Percy and shove him into a lake nearby. When Percy falls into the lake he feels better and attacks the other people.  Later Luke comes running back with a banner. And Percy’s team won the game. Then they find out that Percy is a son of Poseidon. After that Percy is offered a quest. Zeus’s lightning bolt which is the strongest weapon in the universe has been stolen. Percy has to go retrieve it because Zeus blames Poseidon for stealing the bolt. So Percy, Grover, and Annabeth go in a quest to retrieve the lightning bolt.

Percy is always confused at camp half blood because he does not believe in the gods or the monsters.  Percy’s sword is a pen but if you uncap the lid it turns into a sword. The sword was once a gift to Hercules.

A connection that I found was in the this book the campers play capture the flag. We also play capture the flag in PE.


The Lightning Theif

After Chiron gives Percy he meets up with Annabeth who is another half blood.  She shows Percy his cabin which is Hermes cabin. Hermes cabin is where all the demigods that have not been claimed by their godly parents go, but some people in the Hermes cabin are claimed by Hermes. Percy walks inside the cabin and see’s that it is very crowed. A boy who seems older than Percy welcomes him. His name is Luke and he seems very nice. Later when Percy goes outside a girl who is very big comes and drags him into the girls bathroom.  She tries to stuff Percy’s head down the toilet but all the sudden water comes flying out of the toilet, shower, and sink and it hits the girl and her friends.

Annabeth is a very smart girl and she is a child of Athena. Her hair is blond and she has a hat that  makes her invisible.

A connection is Annabeth has a cap that if she puts it on then she turns invisible. Harry Potter has a cloak that if he puts in on then he turns invisible.



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