Teacher for a Day Experience

It was a super fun, and tiring, experience! I loved teaching 2JL, it was a great experience. After this experience, I can truly understand the hardships as a teacher. Handling kids are hard!

A lesson I learned through One Day, is that you ALWAYS have to plan ahead as a teacher.  After the kids are done with the project you have planned with them, you have to have an activity planned for afterwards. You also can’t expect them to know as much as you do. Be patient and kind to them.  Another thing is that you have to have a loud voice, or else they won’t listen to you.

After this experience of being a teacher, I truly respect and understand how hard teachers work for the kids.

Black Cat Cup-Snuggler

I didn’t really help make this, so I’ll say what I’m proud of, of my teammates work. I’m proud of the details my team put into this. The design is simple, yet cute.

If I were part of this engineering, then I would’ve definitely changed the prototype’s mouth (it looks like a mustache). I think the hardest thing for this project is to find the right material (material preventing heat loss), and the design, how to make it look good while functional. I haven’t tested the cup insulator yet, but I think it’ll work quite well, maybe not the best. For the last question, I was only here for one class, where we were measuring and cutting out the materials. I learned, throughout that period of time, that these engineering projects have to be revised, over and over again. It was hard to get the teacher’s approval to start making the insulator, and they kept asking us questions. We got some useful revisions done, thanks to the questions!

Storybird Poem I am From

This is my “I am From” poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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