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My Canadian Cranky Contraption Reflection

My biggest success was I glued the Canadian flag picture on the foam on top of the bar, and it successfully did not fall o the cranky contraption.

My biggest obstacles were…

I did not finish the person holding the Canadian flag on the front of the base, it was very difficult to put it on the base. It fell off the base and that’s why there is a black thing on the front of the base.



One thing I would like to change is…

Probably add the person, in front of my Cranky Contraption like I mentioned earlier, and I will make the flag bigger so people can see much easier.


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Spring Trip (May 2019)

Reflection blog about Grade 6 Spring Trip 

Skills Learned:

-How to make fire, and start a campfire

-Knife training

-How to build a shelter

What did I learn from another classmate?

I learned that when you easily know you and you know them well, and you trust each other all the time, then you and your classmate can work together better.

Most challenging part of the trip:

In my opinion, I think making fire was the hardest part of them all. I spent literally minutes of doing it. When I overcame and completed the hardest challenge, I think I learned something that it can help me later…

The best part of the trip:

Eating smores!!!! That was the most awesome moment I’ve had over the trip.

The advice I’d give:

I would give advice is to always don’t hesitate to try new things to help your Tribe.


That’s all folks!



Reflection Society Blog Post.

In Humanities, we did a simulation about Ancient Society. We were in groups, and we worked together on this. What we needed to do to complete the Society was we needed to create laws, create a temple for Architecture, we needed to create our own written language, and Trade with other Societies for our “Top Secret Invention” which my team did not have time to do. I created the laws for our Society, while others did their own part. It took some time, but we managed to complete almost everything.

One Day Project: Life Sized Chess

Today, on 31/01/18, we made a Life-Size-Chess! First, we designed the prototype chess pieces on paper, then we trace it, and cut all the chess pieces while people design the chess board. Then we paint half of the chess pieces black,  finally, we put the chess pieces onto the board. I worked with Jayden, Ryan, Dylan, and Jon on this.


Is it better to live close to the river or far from the river?

Is it better to live close to the water or far away from the water? Minh Nguyen 6-2


I think it would be best to live near the water, in my opinion. I think that there are more pros, and less cons than living far from the water.


If we live near the water, we could carry water around much easier than have to walk so long to your shelter. But if you live near the water, people would also be living near the water. They could fight for the need of water, it could be loud when you’re in shelter.


You will also try to hunt for trees, to build transportation, and other stuff. But it would be harder because you have to walk longer to the trees, and you would carry wood to go back.


It would be easier for transportation on the river, because you could carry your boat less, and get to your destination more quickly. If you live near the water, it’s much more efficient, to have a water supply, cook food, drink, and wash yourselves etc.

Ancient Civilazation

Above me is the video me, Samuel, and Larry made.

Early Humans, and us

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