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Spring Trip (May 2019)

Reflection blog about Grade 6 Spring Trip 

Skills Learned:

-How to make fire, and start a campfire

-Knife training

-How to build a shelter

What did I learn from another classmate?

I learned that when you easily know you and you know them well, and you trust each other all the time, then you and your classmate can work together better.

Most challenging part of the trip:

In my opinion, I think making fire was the hardest part of them all. I spent literally minutes of doing it. When I overcame and completed the hardest challenge, I think I learned something that it can help me later…

The best part of the trip:

Eating smores!!!! That was the most awesome moment I’ve had over the trip.

The advice I’d give:

I would give advice is to always don’t hesitate to try new things to help your Tribe.


That’s all folks!



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