Beijing Jianbing

Jianbing is a Chinese tradition food. We are going to interview the jianbing makers. We are going to ask them seven questions.

问题 questions

  1. 为什么您要选择做煎饼? Why did you choose to make jianbing
  2. 做煎饼挣钱吗?can you earn a lot of money making jianbing
  3. 做煎饼难吗?is it hard to make jianbing
  4. 能告诉我做煎饼的方法吗?can you tell us the ways to make jianbing
  5. 煎饼有几种?how many kinds of jianbing are there
  6. 做煎饼很好玩吗?is it fun to make jianbing
  7. 做煎饼需要几种材料?what do you need to make jianbing


I chose Jianbing in One day because I think jianbing is a Chinese tradition food and is really taste, I ate jianbing before, when I was first time to ate jianbing, I felt it’s a really tasty food that I’ve been eat it.

  1. The thing that I think I did well is we tired

This is the video we made:<iframe src=”;width=720&amp;height=405&amp;autoplay=false&amp;autolightsoff=false&amp;loop=false&amp;chapters=false&amp;related=false&amp;responsive=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

Communities of Early Humans And Modern Humans

Here is a link to give you the image of the primary sources for early human and modern human’s communities.

Our Cup

This is my cup and I made it with Linda. I used fabric, foil, and foamed plastic because they can keep the cold outside and keep the coffee hot. The thing that I proud of in this project is I can help cafeteria to keep the coffee hot. The thing I would do differently is I will create more good materials and a good temperature probe because of the temperature of the water was very hot, so the liquid in the probe came out and mixed in the water. The hardest part in this project was temperature measure because the temperature probe broked.


Poem I AM FROM’s link

Horrible Harry And The Dragon War

The character of Harry is always thinking he is the best. The first reason why Harry thought his thinking is the best is he said Song Lee’s Dragon is stupid when she drew the Korean dragon. And he thinks his dragon is more beautiful than Song Lee’s dragon. The next reason is he thinks his team is better than Song Lee’s team. But his team lost. When the bell rang. Harry kicked fence three times. If Harry didn’t think his team always can win, he would had just shrugged. The final reason is he thinks the dragons do not drinks the cream. He thinks dragons are drinks the blood. So I think Harry thinking he is the best.

Mr Grim’s Tower

In Mr Grim’s Tower book, Mr Grim had a problem, he’s very grumpy and grouchy. Because the first detail is all day Mr Grim could hear houses and cars noise. It made him very grumpy. “Keep quiet.” He shouted. Another detail is when Mr Grim in the bed, someone were singing in the streets. He couldn’t fall asleep. “Keep quite.” He shouted. The last detail is one night some people knocked the door. He’s very grouchy. “Go away.” He shouted. But one day, Mr Grim looked in the mirror. “What a grumpy and grouchy man you are, it’s time for a change.” He said. So he cut his hair in his town. And he bought some paintbrush. So when he go back to his tower. He changed tower into a lighthouse. And he welcome people to visit his tower. Then he stopped being grumpy and grouchy. Now people also call him Mr Grin. He’s a happy man now, the people are like him.

Literary Essay no.2

The theme of the story Spaghetti is we need to help some people who can’t do somethings. I think that’s very important in our life.

I think Gabriel is a nice and helpful boy in the story Spaghetti. For example, Gabriel found a kitten and he called him Spaghetti. He thinks the kitten is very poor and bored. So he took the kitten into his home. This shows Gabriel is a nice and helpful boy in the story because if he doesn’t help the kitten, maybe Spaghetti will not have a great life. So I think Gabriel is a nice and helpful boy in the story Spaghetti.

I feel proud about Gabriel in the story Spaghetti. Because in the story, the author tell us, Gabriel just thinks about himself. But when he hears the kitten crying, he changes. He didn’t think about himself again, he wanted to help Spaghetti. This shows he does not always think just about himself.

I like Gabriel in the story, because he helped Spaghetti. I wonder when Gabriel took Spaghetti into his home will he help another people in the world who can’t do something. And I think I need to learn somethings from Gabriel in the future.

Finally, the story Spaghetti is a important story about helping, because that tells us about a lot of important things like being nice and helpful, thinking of others and lastly helping others to change. I think we need to that in our life.

Literary Essay no.1

The theme of the story Chrysanthemum is about bullying. I think bullying is very hateful and nasty in our life so, I think is very important. Why I think it’s very important? Because bulling can make people injured. And I think if it serious it will make people go into the hospital.

Early in the text, I think Chrysanthemum is very poor. And I also think the children are very unfriendly in the story. For example, when they were dancing the children said she is very bad at dancing and they said her name is very long and funny. Another reason is when her class in music class. Ms. Twinkle sang. Children sang too. But when they finished singing, Chrysanthemum cried because the children said, “Chrysanthemum is a daisy.” So I think children are very unfriendly in the story. And I think it shows that being friendly is very important in our life.

Later in the text, I feel the children knew they were doing something wrong and nasty things. When they said they were sorry it made Chrysanthemum very happy. For example in this story, when music end, it comes to recess time. In the recess time, Victoria and another children said sorry to the girl Chrysanthemum when she was crying. I think they were very friendly now. And I think the children are good in the story. This shows that if we do some thing wrong with another person, we needs to say sorry to them.

At the end of the story Chrysanthemum danced in the school musical and Victoria forgot her lines.  This made her feel bad yet Chrysanthemum giggled the rest of the way through the musical.

I think the story Chrysanthemum is a very important story in our life. Because it teaches us a very, very important lesson about bullying.

Nate the Great and the Big Sniff

I think Nate the Great and Big Sniff is a great book to read. The first reason it’s a good book is it’s a good story and easy to understand. Because it has lots of pictures. Pictures can help us to understand. The next reason it’s a good book is it has lots of good words and good sentences. For example, like the word”spotted”in page 30, sentence “Sludge could be tired by now, I thought.” The last reason is it’s teaching me a lesson, like some people can help another do something they can not do it. Because I think helping people is a good thing to do. So  that is why I think Nate the Great and Big sniff is a good book to read.

Nate the Great

I think Nate the Great is a character in the book of Nate the Great. And he’s a very nice and helpful detective too. The first detail is he always helps people to find some things, so the people like Nate the Great. The second detail is his favourite food is pancakes. He always eats the pancake in each breakfast. For example, when Annie gave him a pancake, he thinks she’s a smart girl. The last detail is Nate is not very careful for finding something. For example, when he tries to find the cat, he made the cat’s tail hurt. So I think Nate is the character in this book. And he’s a very nice and helpful detective.

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