Child Labor

This is my article about child labor.



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One Day Project (Stop Motion Animation)

For One Day, 2019, I decided to make a Stop Motion Movie. I chose to do this because I never did this before and it sounded like it would be fun.

One day is important because you get to do what you like for a whole day and you get’s to learn new things.

Something I really enjoyed about the day was taking photos to make the stop motion movie. I took around 230 photos.

A challenge for me was to take the photos at the right angle, I overcome it by using a tripod

I learned that you need to take a lot of photos to make a good stop motion movie.

Attached are some photos that shows me working on my stop motion animation

ancient Egypt

Early Humans and Us

This is my project on Early Humans and Us-Technology. Enjoy!

The Best Cup Insulator

This is my cup insulator, it keeps the cup warm and this is made out of cardboard, bubble wrap, wood and felt. The bubble wrap keeps the cup warm, cardboard which is a insulator (stop the heat coming out) , the felt make the cup look good. I am proud of my project because it works great and it keep the water inside the cup warm longer than without the cup insulator. For example, without the cup insulator water will turn 80 degree to 60 in 10 minutes but with the cup it’s 80 to 71 degree in 10 minutes which means the cup insulator is very useful.

I am from By Nicolas

This is an I Am From poem about myself. I hope you enjoy it.

I Am From by Nicolas

This is my poem about myself. I hope you enjoy.

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