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My Cranky Contraption

One skill that I learned in the process of making the cranky contraption was how to use a drill. We had to use a drill to make a hole in the base so the crank could go through. I also learned how to use a saw to cut the base

If I were to do this again, I would make the ball go through the goal instead of just hitting it. I could do this by cutting the picture into strips so the ball can go through them.

Overall, I think my project was successful because even though the ball didn’t go through the goal it still puts across a message and my client will still understand why I designed it like that.


Day One Simulation Reflection- Ancient Mesopotamia

Today in humanities we did a simulation on ancient Mesopotamia. We were split into groups, each group had a basket with materials inside. We were given tasks to do like create a language, make a temple, make rules and trade materials. We had to trade until we had the right materials to make a secret invention, the catapult. During this activity, my job was to create a language and trade in the trade in the trade rectangle with our language. As a group, we divided up the workload by assigning one or two people a job each. I think our biggest accomplishment in our civilization was getting all the materials to build the top-secret invention. If our group could change something it would be to work faster because we never got to finish making the catapult.

One Day, Precious Plastics

On one day I made a small bag from recycled plastic bags. First, I cut up the plastic bag into small strips. Then, I used the small strips and braided them together. When I braided them together I used two strips of black and one strip of white to make a pattern. I had to make one big braid for the strap and many smaller braids for the bag. While I was braiding, the chips for the earrings were baking in the oven. After I was finished with braiding the strips, I stuck them all together with tape. After that, I put it in the heat press to stick them together. Then, I hot glued some cloth on the inside of the bag and the straps on the side. My bag didn’t turn out as I expected. I wanted it to be bigger. If I had more time to work on my bag I would add more braids so it would be bigger

Ancient Egyptian Medicine

In Humanities class we are learning about early civilizations. We were split into groups to learn about a civilization and the achievements in that civilization. I got put in the ancient Egypt group with Eloise and Sophia. We picked the invention of medicine as our achievement. This is the video we made on the invention of medicine. Enjoy!!!!

One Day, Precious Plastics

For my one day I am doing precious plastics. During the past 3 mentoring we learned about what is precious plastics and we planed what we were going to make out of recycled plastic on Thursday. Today we gathered materials for the things we are making. I am making a bag out of recycled plastic bags and earrings out of recycled plastics.

My Diet Thinglink

In humanities  we were leaning about early humans. Then, we split into 3 groups to either learn about  diet technology or community. I learned about diet. After that, we made a Thinglink on the diet of early and modern humans. This is my Thinglink. Hope you like it!

Heat Transfer Insulators

I am proud of my cup insulator, I think that we did a good job on making the insulator look good and the materials that we used did a good job preventing heat transfer.  We even made a hole so you can drink from it with the cap on! Next time if we had more time to work on our cup insulator one thing I would change is to finish cutting and sewing the bottom so the fabric isn’t just sticking out. I think that the hardest part of this project was cutting the fabric. One new skill that I learned was how to sew because since i am using two layers of cotton i had to learn how to sew the fabric together.

I am from books and ice cream on sundays

in humanities we have been working on our I am from poems. first we made lists about special things we find around the house,  special things we eat, special games we play and special sayings in our house. the next day we took all these things and made it into an i am from poem. after that we used Storybird to add pictures to our poem and finally we used i movie to add voice and music and po

One Big Messy Roller-Coster

I think middle school will be like one big messy never ending roller-costar. Lots of ups and downs.

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