Day One Simulation Reflection – Ancient Mesopotamia

The people in my group are Katie, Jason, Christian. We had to make a temple and our own laws for our Mesopotamian groups. Our goal was to make a secret building in order to win but to make this we had to make a written language first.  My job was to help with the laws, then go trade, and after that, I have to help with the secret project. I worked on laws with Katie when Jason was working on our written language with Christian. When we opened the secret bag, Jason, Katie, and I worked on it when Christian work on the temple. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was that we finished the secret building first because we had the most materials and we split up our group to do different tasks. Our weakest point as a civilization was when we can’t think of any laws this slowed us down a bit. If I could do this activity again, I would change the order we did the tasks. I would make the language with Katie when the other two does the temple, and then we will work on the laws when the secret building is being built.

Ancient Mayan Civilisation : RUBBER

I made this with Rachel, Shunfei, and Tiger. Our project is on the discovery of rubber. Rubber was discovered by the Mayans.  We made the video by filming in front of a green screen and added background on iMovie. The video is an educational comedy. The challenges were that sometimes we don’t collaborate very well.

One Day: Positive Moments

One day preparing (day1-2): My idea for one day is to draw little cartoons and write quotes. I want to use keynote to help me.

I got my inspirations from comics and quotes. I did well at the cover and the sketches. I learn how to make calendars. The most challenging part was changing the dates but I overcame them by not giving up. One day is important because instead of the normal class students can choose what they want to do, and they can learn things they might not have before


Early Humans And Us

This is a Thinglink about modern weapons and early weapons. This Thinglink shows two infographics, two paragraphs, one timeline, four primary sources, one work cited page, and a extra tab.

Penguin project and Cup Design

I’m proud of how we did ( the temperature only went down a bit). I want to add sleeves if I had more time. It was very hard to attach the bottom because it was too small. I really like how we made a harry potter themed sweater.  A new skill I learned is how to sow.  For my cup design me and my partner used many insulators such as fluffy wool, felt, and neoprene. Our penguin project used mylar, foil, and bubble wrap as the conductors.

The game

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to always weir safety googles.

Skills that I learned or developed were how to use a saw and a drill.

One thing I’d like to change is make the person with clay which make it better

How I feel About Middle School

This is exactly what I feel like right now about middle school.  After every single day, I feel very tired and exhausted.

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