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Day One Simulation Reflection – Ancient Mesopotamia

In this simulation we had to work in groups. We all had two envelopes. In one envelope we had to create laws, create a written language, and design and draw a temple. In the other was the blue print to the top secret invention. Once we were finished with our written language and were given a check mark we were able to start to trade. We had to trade materials with other groups to get the materials we needed to build our top-secret invention. Whichever group built the invention first, “won” the simulation.

During this simulation, I was designing the temple while working together with everyone else to decide how and what we were going to trade considering that we only had two forks, which we needed.

As a group we all just looked over all of the pieces of paper and took a piece of paper each to complete. We had to switch papers sometimes to get things done.

We didn’t really have much because we started off with only two forks and we needed both. Even though it isn’t that big of an accomplishment, our biggest accomplishment would probably be the fact that we actually gained more resources we needed.

Our weakest point as a civilization was the limited resources, and the lack of teamwork and communication. We could have done a lot better with the trading if we all listened to each other and took their suggestions and worked together more as a group.

If I could do this activity again, I would spend more time creating the written language instead of wasting time on the things not needed. I also think we should try to trade for extra things that we can use to gain more resources that we need. Another thing would be trying to work together more. This would be better because it would be more efficient, and we’ll be able to get more needed resources. And we’ll be able help each other and better understand what we are trying to ask or say.




Teacher For a Day

One day is a day where middle school students get to pick what they want to do for a day. I picked teacher for a day. Sophia, Jennifer and I went to help 2MS, Ms Margaret’s class. We got to read to them, teach them a passion lesson, do crafts, help with PE, and hold a science experiment for 3 classes. It was a really fun experience and I would love to help teach again, especially Ms Margaret’s class! 


This is a film I worked on with Olivia, Shunfei and Tiger. This video is about the development of rubber by the ancient mayans. We filmed our footage in front of a green screen and used iMovie to edit our video. We wrote the script, edited and acted ourselves. It was quite challenging to film and edit this all but we finished it just in time. I hope you enjoy our video.

Human Communities

This is the Thinglink about early human communities we worked on in humanities.

Heat Transfer: Insulator and Conductor

In the first picture, it shows our two final projects. I think overall we did quite well with our penguin project and mug insulator. For the mug insulator I worked with Olivia. We decided to make it a Weasley Sweater themed, because Ron always would receive Weasley Sweaters during the Christmas break and since it was almost Christmas we tried to make something like a Weasley Sweater. I am quite proud of the amount of heat we prevented to get into our dwelling for our penguin project.   The hardest thing about the penguin project was making sure the foil would stay. I learnt how to support softer and weaker materials. Next time I might try to change a type of tape, because the transparent allowed more heat to be transferred into the our dwelling. For the mug insulator, I am proud of our aesthetics, even though we could’ve made it neater, I think our idea was quite good. The hardest thing was making sure our mug insulator was the right size, not to big and not to small. I learnt how to properly make something out of softer materials like fabric without having to redo everything. Basically, I learnt different techniques. Next time I would have spent more time and working slower to make everything as neat and tidy as it can be.

I am from blah blah blah and fairy lights

In humanities we worked on a narrative poem about where I am from. First Ms Shannon showed us a few examples then we started making lists about the things that are important and special to us. Then we started grouping together some ideas to create our stanzas. We each read our poem out loud to the class. We were told to include some figurative language like similes, personification etc. Then we used Storybird to create each slide. We selected a theme then picked pictures to go with the words. I put one stanza on each page. Then we recorded ourselves reading our poem in iMovie then took a screenshot of each page and used iMovie to combine the two together to create our final video. Most of this you probably won’t understand because it’s about me so it is unique.

Water Filter Creation

This is the water filter Sophia and I made for our design challenge. We were only allowed to use items we would find on a deserted island. We used straw mats, and pieces of cloth as our filters. I think overall we did quite a good job. We tested it out first, but it had a leak in the bottle, so we worked on it some more, made some changes then tried it out again. We think it worked quite well, but there are definitely more adjustments we would make if we had more time.

Fireworks are amazing!



How’s middle school so far? Its amazing and cool, yet still full of surprises!

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