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This is my Thinglink project in early human community.

Isolateur de café

This cup insulator design challenge was about how to make a hot drink hot using the materials in the Design Lab by engineering. There were some of the difficulties throughout the process of making because mug must be able to fit the cup and not slide off, reduce the heat, shouldn’t be interfere with drinking the liquid, it must be reusable and removable. In our case, we suited all these criteria to our mug cup prototype.

It works firstly by the fabric. We used the fabric as the first layer, cotton was the second layer, and the third layer was the felt and finally, there was a foil to make the cup and the drink hot. We also used the plastic to be the cover of this by making a hole that you can shut and open any time you want.

I am really proud of myself planning all these out because, the temperature first was 75degrees, and after five minutes, 69 degrees and after ten minutes, it was 66 degrees. This was a real great prototype (I think) because after ten minutes, the base was to only reduce 16 degrees, but me and Chelsea only reduced 9 degrees. If there were more time to plan out this design, I would make the difference by trying to make the top part of the cup to be more decorated because it was really simple. I think the quality of the cup is okay because Kelly’s group and Anya’s group commented that it is pretty and simple in a good way. 🙂


I Am From

Here is my I Am From poem from Grade 6 Humanities.

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