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Hey 大家好。 我的名字是 Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) 我出生在

1972十月/ 十七, 我是46岁。我是 说唱。我是 United States Missouri, Saint Joseph人。我有三个孩子。我有两哥哥,他们的名字 Nathan Kane Samara,Michael Mathers,和Sarah Mathers。我的身价是190$million. 我开始说唱1988年。 我差不多每天钱蓝色。


我有很多爱好,我喜欢 写作,饶舌,听音乐,足球,看电影。我不擅长足球,我的说讲非常好,在说唱。我最喜欢浅蓝。我一边 听音乐 一边 敲击。我喜欢蓝色。

Hi Temperature


This This is my cup. I have learned some things like; how to handle wool better, and also measuring. I’m proud of the design. (I’m the designer.) I would like to change the heat it can keep.

Rocky® Hi! Cup!!

The New School

By. Rocky Sharipov 

The New School 

I wake up hearing my family roaring for their clothes,  items for the new school. I get up as sleep slows my speed. I start heading to put on my clothes  after that head to the stairs. My family is ready as I’m still leaving the house. They rushed me, so I rushed into  the car. The seats were comforting and soft, I shut my heavy eyes lay back and fall in the sleep as comforting as falling into warm, gentle water. 

The Entrance 

I have been awakened by hearing the engine stop. I sit up scouting the new school, and later leave the car and entered the building, and blinded from how much lights there are. I resume and enter the hallways then a wild thought came to my head. 

The New Room 

I was waking thinking “what if I’m that one kid that people laugh at, people make fun of? Was it possible that I’m not smart enough or something that makes me different from the rest and I’m made fun of?” We continue with these thoughts in my head. I get anxious, and nervous every second we walk, and then after some walking I realise that we made it to my classroom, I look up at my farther and he replies with a stare “Let’s go in.” 

The Names 

I enter quietly slowly and look around the classroom as my new teacher Mr. T stops talking and looks at me and brightly smiles “Oh! You must be Rocky! Well, 3AT This is our new classmate Rocky.” After a moment he breaks the silence by saying “Do you want to introduce yourself to the class?”  I nod slowly and then tell basic facts about myself, and just stand there doing nothing. He welcomes me to the carpet as I quickly sit down, looking at the people around the 2 people sitting with me. Then Mr. T thinks it will be nice to introduce ourselves to me. Everyone nods or just say Yes, okay. We go around as I learn a lot of names, I hear a bell alarming us to move on to the next class. 

The End of the Day 

I leave learning a lot about my new school ISB. I got new friends Understood the rules and so much more. I felt less anxious, and nervous, and ready for the school year. I went on the bus and left the school. I went home feeling good and drift off to sleep. Fin. 

The Best Place to Go in the 4 Seasons

在春天 ,  迪拜 是最好的去处。迪拜。迪拜 很热的,但是 他是的水冷。的春天是从6月到8月。在春天, 没有雾霾,常常 刮风拜是的 温度 33 从到 35C*. 你会喜欢迪拜因为,很好儿。


I am from

This is my I am from poem about on how my family, and traveling made my life better. It’s mostly about on some of the most rememberable moments of my life, turned into a StoryBird.

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