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Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

We did a simulation in humanities class today, we’re supposed to be in groups/societies and make laws, architecture, written language, trade and a top-secret invention. During the activity, Jiyuan and I did the architecture to pray for the goddess, which in this class, it was Mrs. Krista. As a group, we divided the work up, Reagan did the trading, Samuel wrote the laws and Aidan wrote the written language, so that left Jiyuan with me on architecture. Our biggest accomplishment was gathering the materials we needed to make our top-secret invention. Our weakest point of the civilization was agreeing on things. If I could do this activity again, I would change roles from architecture to writing the laws.

One Day

We decided to make a gigantic chess board because all of us like to play chess, originally we were going to make Tabs + Slots, but Jon thought of doing Slot + Notch, which we ended up doing. We did well with cutting the board and making it’s design. We learned  that making things was harder than we thought, it will be hard during the process, but in the end it pays off. We overcame the challenges of carving the pieces and putting them together without breaking them. To me, one day is important because you get to do something that you never get to do at a regular school day.

Indus R. Civilization Toilets

This is our Indus R. Civilisation project about toilets by Hyeyoung, Sophie and me. We did well with the recording and such but we didn’t do well on collaborating because we agree on different things.

Early Humans and Us

In humanities class, we made a Thinglink of the early humans and us. This Thinglink includes modern human and early human infographics.

Island Survival Science Project

This is our Island Survival Water Filter. There is a cloth on top and bottom of a funnel that pours water into cotton, it will bypass the sand and gravel to clean it, then, some cotton, and then another layer of sand and gravel and goes through a cloth that purifies the water. The process is slow but the water is pure.

Creating Blogs



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