"There is nothing more powerful to dramatize an injustice like the tramp, tramp, tramp of marching feet." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia

During the activity, I was the lawmaker for one half and the architect in the other half.Ā  As a group, we divided the workload up by volunteering. Our biggest accomplishment as a civilization was that we were able to finish our trading very fast with an extra surplus.Ā  Our weakest point as a civilization was that we didn’t enforce our laws well enough, even though we do have laws. If I could do this activity again, I would change the laws do not have as harsh punishments and also agree on the laws because should the laws be too harsh, nobody will enforce nor follow the laws and the laws will be useless.

Writing Workshop

For OneDay, I choose writing workshop and wrote an unfinished science-fiction story. It was fun for me.

I started by making a plan then writing a story. I wanted to write about science fiction because I never wrote science fiction and want to give it a shot. I wrote around 800 words and I was happy with what I wrote! Below is a sample (of the start) of my story.


This is a sample of my story for OneDay




Ancient China Presentation


Above is my video introduction to Ancient ChinaĀ which focuses mainly on compasses. I used PowToons and iMovie to make this. I made this with Larry and Minh. Enjoy!

Was it better for people to live close to or farther away from the river?

I believe that we should live near water due to the fact water is essential to living. We require water for reliable farmingĀ andĀ to create communities and cities to grow and advance to what we are today.Ā Ā 

Machines and mills require water to run on. Such as a wheel that the water pushes to pump water onto land or to do more other stuff. Without water, it will beĀ impossibleĀ to run these machines.Ā 

AreĀ animals living near a river a problem? No! Animals living near or go to the riverbanks commonly could provideĀ animalsĀ and game to hunt down and use as a source of food, clothing, materials etc.Ā Ā 

CivilizationsĀ canĀ grow easily near water because of theĀ continuousĀ food supply that supports the demand from the citizens. Due to a large population, not all need to work in the farming industry, others could make clothing and tools to improve farming! Not everybody has to work. Ancient and small civilizations haveĀ givenĀ inspirationĀ to other leaders to makeĀ anĀ empire or kingdom.Ā Ā 

Living near rivers may result in flooding, but most villages could create villageĀ protectionĀ against flooding.Ā 

Therefore, living near rivers is (in this case) the best option. Ancient civilizations should live or grow near rivers.Ā 

Humanities Project: early humans

In humanities, we did a research project on Early and Modern humans and for my project, I got food. I uploaded my sources and paragraphs to a site called Thinglink and my Thinglink is at the bottom of this blog post.

Save the penguins & Cup Insulator

For the Save the Penguins dwelling and Cup Insulator, I am very proud of how I overcome my fear of hot glue and used it myself (however very badly)!

I would improve my insulator more by design and layering to prevent heat if I would do it differently and reduce thermal energy transfer. I would make the cup less floppy and have a option to have the cup or remove the cup.

The cup quality is not bad but I realized that the hot glue for the mouthpiece melts and will not be good when someone is drinking the water. This will cause complaints if it is actually marketed. There are random pieces of hot glue on the prototype and the insulator is not waterproof.

Penguin Dwelling


Insulator on the cup

Where I am from…

This is a video of my poem I made for humanities! Hope you like it!šŸ˜˜

Credits to:

Garageband for recording

iMovie for screenshot combining and audio combining

Storybird and its artists for poem making and artwork

Dragons Tube for use of uploading



‘Survival’ challenge

In science, we did a design challenge and designed a water filterer. We planned, built, improved and tested our prototype. It was fun! After the test, we found out our water is clean, but not SUPER clean. We can’t drink the water anyways!

This is my prototype for the design challenge

My Feeling About Blogging


I am happy and confident to start and work on my blog. I am as happy as that emoji to use this blog!