"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."-Albert Einstien

 Day One Simulation Reflection-Ancient Mesopotamia 


In Humanities class we did an Ancient Mesopotamia simulation. The objective of the simulation was to create the top-secret invention of Ancient Mesopotamia. (Catapult). 

My job in my territory was to create laws and make punishments for my territory. And my other teammates worked on making a written language, temples and trading with other territories. 

Something that we did well was making a language, temples, and laws because we did it very fast and we didn’t need any resources.  

Something that did not work well was building the catapult. This happened because we didn’t have many resources in our land like the others. Some groups were fortunate enough to have many resources. The others did not want to trade the resources that we needed. 🙁 

Something I would like to change or hope is that we have more and better resources next time so that we can make the catapult much easier. Then we can invade other territories.  


Indus River Valley Civilization- Hummanties Project


So in this video is for my humanities project. “Early Civilization”. We had to pick a civilization. I chose Indus Valley civilization because I have never learned about this civilization before. The biggest achievement was the drainage system (AKA sewer) so that’s the main part, but we used the “G.R.A.P.E.S (Geography, Religion, Achievement, Economics, Society)on the introduction also known as the first half of the entire video. Hope you like this Crash Course/ Animation type animation videos. Bye!

One Day: Famous Artist

In One Day planning, we had to choose an artist from Spain or France. Some of the artists were Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, Miro, Valesques, Khalo, Jose, Gaugin, Van Goh, Monet, Matisse, George Braque and, Paul Cezanne.

I chose Gaudi because he was the only one who made mosaics and Jose because he used a lot of lines and had the challenge to use only the color, Black and White.

I also always wanted to use inks like Indian Inks. So I am making a skeleton by Jose Guadalupe Posadas but making it more modern 2019 modern art style. For the mosaic, I wanted to cut the cardboard in different shapes. by this, it will look abstract and a cool

Something that I think will be challenging is making mosaics and sticking the tiles because I have never done something like that. Something that will be easy is the Jose Guadalupe Posada because I almost always do something familiar at my home. So I can do it.


Antoni Gaudí                                                                                             Jose Guadalupe Posada


One Day! :


Modern Skelton Guitarist                                                                                 King of the Birds!

So my One Day was better than I thought it would be. Especially with the mosaics.  And the skeleton was better than I thought I didn’t spill ink ( Only Once!).   I was very happy with the background for both my artworks.

The three hardest things about One-Day was:

  1. The background for my mosaic is curved because of the belly of the bird. I wanted the background to be a straight rectangle since I can’t cut the tiles so it was very hard to make it a rectangle.
  2.  I didn’t know how to use a Glass Pen and Japanese inks so it was hard for me to make the cool skeleton dude.
  3. I had to paint the whole canvas black so that took a lot of time

Everything else was easy and fun. Check the whole photo with everyone’s artwork!


How Diet Changed Over Time From Early Humans to Modern Humans

In Humanities class we studied about Early Humans. After learning my class was split into threes. 1/3 of the class went to Diet and another 1/3 went to Technology and the other people went to Community. I was chosen in Diet so I had to make a project about Early Humans and Modern Humans diet changing over time. After we did the research we had to make a paragraph, timeline, infographic and find 2 primary sources for both modern humans and early humans. After that, we put all the stuff into ThingLink. Every button on the left are Early Humans and in the right is Modern Humans. That’s my project!

Heat Transfer 101

 Penguin home Cup InsulatorStory Board

This unit I learned about the 3 types of light passing through a material. First is Reflection. Reflection means when the light hits a material and bounces off the material and goes to another direction. One material that reflects light is foil. The second type is called Absorption! Absorption means when light stays on the material. One of the material that absorbs light is wool. The Third type is called Transmit. Transmit means when the light goes through the material. One of the materials that transmit light is water.

In our penguin project, we used mylar and foil. We used mylar because it could reflect light. But, there is still light left that got absorpt, so there was still some heat on the penguin house.

In our Cup design Project, we used wool, bubble wrap, and mylar we used these materials because this material keeps the cup warm. I used wool because when I wear a wool jacket and it keeps me warm. So I used the same principle for my cup insulator. We also added a lid so the heat will not escape from the top.

I am proud of my cup insulator because my insulator was more succesful than my penguin project. This happend because, my insulator had more layers than my penguin project, which did not make alot of heat loss. In my penguin project there was alot of heat transfer because there was only 1 layer which was the mylar. The most of the heat bounced of the mylar but there was still some heat that got absorbed or transmitted.

Something that I woould change is making more layers in my penguin home because like I said, not all of the heat is bounced to an another direction, there is still some heat that got absorbed or transmitted. If added more layers my penguin home more succesful.

The hardest thing was, making the things better because you have to investigate if the materials can prevent heatloss or not. Also sometimes you have to start from scratch if you really want to make the design better which is annoying because you have to start the prototype.

The quality of the cup was okay. The design was not beautiful but it did the job of preventing heat loss. When you hold the cup, the handdle is itchy because of the velcro which is not good.



I Am From Never Give Up

In humanities class, we had to make a “Where I Am From Poem”. Something that was challenging is writing figurative language. For example, personification and simile.

Filter challenge

This project is a filter made of plastic bottles, tin can, duct tape! We were suppose to make a filter with stuff you have in a dessert.

Why do I Love Ice Cream?

What are my feelings about MS? It’s easy as ice  cream! https://wallpaperscraft.com/tag/ice-cream/3840×2400

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