Early Humans and Us – Technology

This is our humanity early humans project.

Want some warm tasty tea?


 This is a picture of our final prototype. Our prototype keeps the tea(the liquid that is inside) warm for a long time. Our prototype(body) is made out of 3 materials. The inside material is black felt and the middle one is cotton and the outside material is (black)paper. The top lid is also made out of 3 materials. The inside, we stuck foil. The black thing is made out of rubber. Also, we put the pipe cleaner at the top of the lid so it can be comfortable to open and, close it.





 This is our drinking part of our prototype. We thought that it will be hard for drinking it but, if you had cut the top part off the tea will lose heat. We put the drinking part here because there are more people using their right hand than their left hand. As you can see, the drinking part is close to the handle because people usually don’t drink the tea in the middle part of the cup






 This is our process photo. We planned this way but, we change a little because, some, we didn’t have the material or we changed the plan because we had a better idea. The hardest thing about this project was first, we didn’t have much time, second, we changed the plan many times so we had to do it quickly. The interesting thing is that we got the only 3 degrees lower. The first time, we got 10 degrees lower. I think it is because we listened to the comment and, upgraded the prototype.


4 Seasons

I am from poem

This is about me.
Please enjoy it!🤗

Literary essay #2

In my opinion being unselfish is better than being selfish. Being selfish can make you be bullied and make you feel depressed, but if you are unselfish there will be friends coming to you and you will have a great school day.

In a book called ‘Iqbal’ there is a Pakistan boy called Iqbal. He was sold when he was a baby, and his parents got $12 for working in a carpet factory for 6years. He was sold to a carpet factory. His parents sold him but he didn’t regret his parents. When he was free he spent his time to speeches about freedom. This shows that his tome at the carpet factory was so hard for a young child. Iqbal wasn’t selfish he didn’t thought like this ‘I spent my life making carpets so you also need to work hard like this.’ He didn’t have parents but he knew about unselfish.

The factory people hated that Iqbal delivering his speech about freedom, so the factory people planed to kill Iqbal. Finally, Iqbal was killed by the factory people but Iqbal was remembered as a brave boy. He didn’t knew he was going to be killed but he tried his best talking about freedom and even though he didn’t know that, he was so brave to speech about freedom.

Being selfish can make you bullied and being unselfish can make people come to you and make people smile. This shows that Iqbal was really brave and unselfish.

Literary Essay #3

In my opinion being friends with somebody is better than bullying friends. If somebody is not good at something you need to teach not bully. Don’t make them lonely, just be friends with them.

In a book called ‘The year of the boar and Jackie Robinson,’ the main character called Shirley, is from China. She hasn’t learned English before and she also hasn’t been in America. When she went to America everything was amazing. She didn’t know English so she didn’t have friends but she wasn’t bullied. That means that speaking is really important. But you don’t need to bully somebody if somebody is not good at speaking.

Shirley made her friends by sharing and caring. She shared her umbrella with Emily. And Shirley couldn’t wait to play with her friends. So sharing is important as friends.

Shirley was good at baseball so she was called as ‘Jackie Robinson.’ She really respected him and she got a huge golden key from Jackie Robinson. That would have been better than getting by another person. Because she respected him.

 Shirley efforted and didn’t give up. Ignore what somebody did to you and just don’t give up and try your best. If you were lonely just try your best as if you were lonely. And if you have friends don’t be bossy because somehow you can be lonely too.

Literary Essay #1

I prefer to not win by helping others. Winning is not everything. Helping others, believing, giving thanks, real learning and important meaning is much more important than winning. Even though you could win that isn’t more important than helping.

In the story called ‘The race’, the character Todd and Brett had a boat race. Brett didn’t want to lose to anybody because he didn’t know about helping, but Todd knew what was helping and he also knew winning isn’t everything. Everyone will think about I will win or I am going to win like Brett but , Todd wasn’t like everyone. Because of Todd’s competitive feelings, they were winning and other people were also trying to beat Todd and Brett. But one child had troubles, and started crying. Todd just saw that and tried to help the boy but Brett hated this idea strongly. Brett thought he was crazy. Why Todd wanted to help him was because he know the feeling when he help others.

Brett couldn’t make Todd go and help so he helped the boy . When they were helping the boy, the other people were coming. Brett was so angry now he was losing. When they helped the little boy, Brett felt different. This is like helping their grandparents or giving money to poor people. If you think ‘That is mine, I don’t wan’t to give it, I’m going to eat ice cream.’ and give money to poor people, it doesn’t feel anything like you did something great, but, if you think ‘Okay I need to share,’ and share money with poor people it feels different. That means that Brett knew friendship was more important than winning.

When Todd and Brett helped the boy the other people were winning. Brett was really angry and the boy thanks the two boys they even though they didn’t win but it wasn’t that bad. When you fell this feeling you want to feel this again and again and again and again. So, Todd helped the boy and Brett didn’t know this feeling so he didn’t wanted to help the boy.

As you can see winning is not everything, winning can be a great experience but helping will make you happier than winning.

Charlie and the great glass elevator


When Charlie went to the chocolate factory Grandpa Joe was singing, Charlie was jumping around, Mr and Mrs Bucket were smiling for the first time, and the 3 old ones were gripping. Mr. Wonka said to Charlie do you want to ride the glass elevator. The glass elevator went higher and higher they could the the ocean and they could see other countries. There was a problem, Mr. Wonka said to Charlie press the button quickly but it was too late.


About Mr. Wonka. I think Mr. Wonka has wild plans. he doesn’t no what is happening and saying if it’s Charlie’s fault.


A connection about this book is that also my Grandmother is always positive and also grandpa Joe is also positive too.


A theme about this book is that don’t be so quick and make your self calm.



BFG drank the frobscotte and showed what happened The BFG was flying. Sophie saw that and said I want to try it. So she drank the frobscottle and also flew. They enjoyed the happiness and the BFG grabbed his dream catching netand sid I need to go to catch some more dreams. Do you want to go together? But Sophie said no thanks because of the other giants.But I think the BFG wanted to go with Sophie The BFG said Why don’t you hide in my pocket?


A connection about this book is that it’s not really the same but when I was young I tried to go inside the carrier. I was young but I couldn’t go inside.


About the BFG. The bFG is really kind and he really likes to do something with someone and he hates being alone.


The theme about this book is that be kind to everyone doesn’t matter what they did to you and be a nice friend.

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